10 Fresh Fruit Salsa Recipes You'll Need This Summer

These are summer fruit salsas that you'll want to eat all summer long. 

Grilled Pineapple Mango Salsa

Fruit salsa is delicious all on its own — a spicy and sweet dip that you cannot resist. But this recipe packs in extra flavor from the char on the grilled pineapples. 

Melon Salsa with Peaches

This recipe showcases some classic — and delicious — summer fruit. You can even add additional fruit to this recipe: try honeydew or cantaloupe. 

Spicy Kiwi and Jalapeño Salsa

With this recipe, you get the heat and spice of a traditional salsa, but gain a little added sweetness from the kiwi. We also omit the lemon juice for this salsa, since the kiwi provides all the acidity the dish needs. 

Mango Salsa

Now you can enjoy this fruit in a whole new way. Instead of sprinkling your mango with hot sauce and lime juice, put it in a bowl with a few chopped ingredients to make a salsa. 

Strawberry Salsa

Enjoy your strawberry salsa with chips, or turn this recipe into a side dish and enjoy with grilled chicken

Applesauce Salsa

If you're looking to experiment with a salsa recipe, here's the recipe to do it. Combine applesauce, store-bought or homemade, with traditional salsa ingredients to create a new sweet and spicy combo. 

Blackberry-Citrus Salsa

This blackberry-citrus salsa recipe pairs well with grilled shrimp. Bring this to your next barbecue and it may just become your new go-to dish.

Tofu Mango Black Bean Salsa

This recipe takes traditional mango salsa to the next level. With the addition of tofu, this fresh fruit salsa is now a vegetarian's dream. 

Photo by Kitchen Confidante

Orange Tomatillo Salsa

A typical Mexican salsa gets a citrusy kick with this recipe. 

Blueberry, Strawberry, and Jicama Salsa

A salsa that can be made in one, two, three. Enjoy this summer specialty with your next chicken or fish entrée.