How To Spend 48 Hours In Sonoma This Summer

Running along the Pacific Ocean to Coast Range, Sonoma is one of the most beautiful landscape-driven places in all of California. While the Napa and Sonoma-area wildfires were a set back, the area is open for business and welcoming visitors.

"Many travelers are wondering what Sonoma County is like after the Northern California wildfires in October of 2017," the tourism bureau says. "Popular news outlets continue to show old images of the most damaged areas, giving many people the false impression that all of Sonoma County was destroyed.

Thankfully, more than 90 percent of Sonoma County was not affected by the wildfires. Famous sites, beautiful vistas, vineyards and towering redwoods are still here."

It's true that Sonoma is most famous for the award-winning wines that come out of the region, but it is growing in popularity for other reasons too – the art, the culture, the beauty and the food. TBH, though, chances are, you're going for the wine. It  truly is some of the best in the world so the reason for a visit stands strong.

You can get a great taste of it all  – wine included – in just 48 hours.  From farmers markets to life-changing vistas, this is one area of Cali you need to visit asap.

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Day One

Did we mention the wine? Since you won't be able to stop thinking about it, you need to get that done on day one. Here are some fun ways to get it done. 

Rose & Croquet at Sonoma Cutrer

Rose fans have to hit up Sonoma Cutrer for a taste of their limited release Rose. Plus, Sonoma Cutrer is the  only winery in the world to boast professional quality croquet lawns. The winery plays host to the country's best croquet players every year at The North American Open but that doesn't mean you have to be a pro to take advantage of their lawn. Guests can rent the space out for just ten bucks a person and sip on Sonoma Cutrer special Rose release while they do it. The limited production wine, made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes from vineyards in the Russian River Valley appellation, is perfect for daytime sipping that leads to dinnertime bottles. It's crisp and fresh and can be paired with local cheese and charcuterie while you enjoy your private croquet game.  Afterwards, hit up the winery for a Grand Cru or heritage tasting or head into their vineyards on a private tour.

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Joseph Swan

Forestville Joseph Swan Winery has been around since 1967 and it's one of the areas most-loved places. They still taste out of a room that was once and old wood-barrel barn and owners and wine makers Rod and Lynn are often the ones doing the pouring.

John Ash & Co at Vintners Inn

John Ash & Co. at Vintners Inn was the first Sonoma restaurant to introduce the concept of cooking with seasonal, locally sourced foods. So, this is the the all in one dinner experience every wine and food lover needs. Local cuisine meets local wines for a tasting experience like no other.  They boast one of the most extensive wine lists in the country (with 275 Sonoma County offerings) earning the Wine Spectator "Best of Award of Excellence" and the Wine Enthusiast Magazine "Award of Ultimate Distinction". Pros are on  hand to help you decipher it all or you can opt for a wine-paired tasting menu.

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Day Two

Sebastopol Farmers' Market

Start the day by fondling fresh produce at one of Sonoma's most amazing open air farmers market. Don't be surprised if you see a few famous faces ehre – chefs from the area's most celebrated restaurants are regulars at this weekly Sunday event. Not only does the market feature some of the best growers and food producers in the area, but there is also live music and fun events to keep you entertained. Stock up on fruits, veggies, flowers and artisanal snacks  to nosh on during the day. This is one of the premier markets in the area, and it only runs that one day a week so you'll have to plan your 48-hours around it, but it will be worth it.

Charles M Schulz Museum

Charles Schulz first moved to Sonoma County in 1958, and his studio sat on what became the site of this museum, which opened in 2002, two years after his death. The impressive Charles M. Schulz Museum is an homage to Schultz and the iconic characters he created. There is also a 100-seat theater featuring the seasonal holiday classics we can't wait to see every year and Snoopy's Home Ice – an indoor skating rink that makes you feel like you're living in the Christmas special. Hit them up on a Friday night and you'll get your eat-like-a-local foodie fix. Events are hosted by winerys and breweries and are always a fun theme. Think Tequila, Tacos and Trivia, Pints and Pies and  Breakfast and Brews.

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Hog Island Oyster

This that place that locals don't want anyone ever finding out about.  The staff of Hog Island Oyster Farm takes effort and care to harvest their oysters from  Tomales Bay, on the coast of Northern California,. And At Hog Island Oyster Bar, the 'bay to bar' philosophy comes to life.  Guests gorge themselves on menu it3ems like oyster stew and chowder, and fresh, raw oysters served straight from the ocean. Shuck them yourself or reserve a bay-front and  grill-side table where you can hire a Hog Island chef to come do it for you.