Chicago’s Best Food Splurges


Want to go all out during your visit to Chicago? Believe it or not, Chicago is right up there with New York and San Francisco when it comes to pricey eats. In fact, many food lovers have traveled from all over the country just to get a seat at one of these restaurants. Here’s a guide to some of the best places to splurge on a meal in Chicago — just remember to get a reservation in advance.


If Italian is your thing, then set your sights on Spiaggia. Headed up by chef Tony Mantuano, this Magnificent Mile restaurant has to-die-for pasta and seafood dishes along with a swanky atmosphere. Plus, diners get a spectacular view of Lake Michigan from every seat in the house.


Now that Charlie Trotter’s is gone, Alinea is perhaps the most famous fine dining venue in Chicago. That’s due in no small part to owner and chef Grant Achatz, whose focus on the dining experience as a whole has captured the attention of the food industry worldwide. Expect to dine for several hours, as the menu regularly consists of moer than 14 courses.


If you’re adventurous when it comes to food, check out Moto. This modern restaurant features a chef who has competed on Iron Chef America (Homaro Cantu) along with an avant-garde menu that focuses on molecular gastronomy. Innovative tools and techniques are the norm here, so expect to see and taste things you’ve never even heard of before.


Catch dazzling glimpses of the skyline from this 40th-floor restaurant headed up by chef Jean Joho. The French cuisine at Everest is the best in the city, though the magnificent wine list is almost as popular. Expect exciting takes on classic French dishes along with a particularly romantic ambiance.


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If you like your French cuisine more on the modern side, head to Tru. This Gold Coast restaurant, headed up by chef Anthony Martin, has a huge tasting menu of French-influenced fare along with a selection of some of the finest caviar available. The space has a sparse, modern feel that truly lets the food shine.