Moto Restaurant

Row 1

945 W Fulton St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 491-0058
Molecular Gastronomy
Tue–Sat: 5:00 PM–9:00 PM

Diners at Moto should be prepared to eat anything from “trash” to a "Cuban cigar" — that is, with his sense of whimsy and cerebral molecular gastronomy, chef Homaro Cantu’s creative dishes have been known to fool his guests, leading to playful culinary optical illusions, like a flowerpot with edible dirt. — Valaer Murray, 2/18/11

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Get a sample of food of the future and dine at Moto Restaurant, where molecular gastronomy meets the hip meat-packing district. Samantha Brown
Travel Channel
2010-12-07 13:16:05
Chef Homaro Cantu has become the poster child of the mad-scientist conceptual-cooking fad in America. The result is "postmodern interactive cuisine" that is worth the experiment.
2010-08-24 16:50:40
In Homaro Cantu's restaurant, past trickery included a play on egg-drop soup in which frozen-egg and microgreen pellets were dropped into soup, and seared beef was paired with caramelaserized wine.
Time Out Chicago
2012-05-22 15:09:39
Moto is a MUST when you are in Chicago. It is unlike any experience anywhere!
2010-02-21 11:14:08
Eat here if you can possibly afford it. It is revolutionary. If you can't afford to eat here, then drink here. You will thank me for this tip.
2010-01-29 20:55:45
Part chef, part mad scientist, Homaro Cantu's playful attitude towards molecular gastronomy often tricks diners by offering familiar looking dishes concocted out of something totally unexpected.
The Feast
2011-06-09 15:13:21
When you realize that the waiters are chefs, and the phrase "molecular gastronomy" is being bantered about, you know you're in for an intense culinary experience.
2011-10-18 15:01:07
Ok, 10 course. Come early, plan to spend the whole evening, no rushing. This is worth one of the ever so precious evenings of your life, so enjoy it. Mmmm. Wow. Good.
2011-03-29 23:14:20
Amazing food. Service & ambiance leave a lot to be desired.
2010-11-03 22:59:33
Make sure you try the cucumber ginger cocktail.
2010-10-23 22:45:51
If you got the loot.
2010-08-12 00:26:23
14-course tasting menu all the way. Amazing. Culinary techie Homaro Cantu needs to be seen first hand as words cannot express his genius.
2015-10-01 21:56:12
This is how moto does a plate of vegtables. Absolutely stunning
2014-09-02 07:38:35
One Michelin star
La Dolce Vita
2013-12-16 18:56:53
You get a mini version of the entire meal: a terrarium w/ sashimi cubes, a tiny bagel, a "tree trunk" of little pancakes.Green Guide Editor
Michelin Travel & Lifestyle
2013-11-25 10:35:34
Get the wine pairings!
2011-05-28 21:49:29
Go visit Chef Cantu in the "lab" (their affectionate term for the kitchen), then sit back and crunch down on the edible menu - all part of their deliciously theatrical 20-course tasting experience.
The Daily Meal
2011-02-22 18:41:33
cucumber ginger cocktail is FANTASTIC.
2010-11-03 21:04:16
You will never look at candles the same way after eating here.
2010-09-13 17:45:46
Ladies, you won't fully understand the experience until you use the toilet. Seriously.
2010-07-18 02:24:58