At The Chef's Table: Wolfgang Puck Part 3

In our series "At the Chef's Table," we take a look at the careers of some of the greatest chefs in the business. In this month's installment we are profiling Wolfgang Puck, the Los Angeles-based chef known for his many ventures that range from fine dining at Spago to airport dining at Wolfgang Express to his annual dinner for the Academy Awards.

In part three we discuss his move to the United States and eventual opening of Spago. Chef Puck originally came to New York to work for a friend, but decided to take a job in Indianapolis instead. When he finally was able to move to Los Angeles, he worked for Ma Maison. But when he wanted a place truly his own he eventually opened Spago. He believed in the concept, but not everyone did at first. "We started out and I remember the late editor of Bon Appétit magazine... [said] 'you know, Wolfgang shouldn't make pizza, he shouldn't do this or that, and you know it's terrible a chef like that making pizza.' And I said I don't care what they say and let's just do what we have to do," said Puck. And his instincts paid off!

To hear more about chef Puck's journey to the U.S. and the opening of Spago, watch the video above. And make sure to watch part one and part two if you missed them! Look out for part four coming next Monday.