At The Chef's Table: Wolfgang Puck Part 2

In our series "At the Chef's Table," we take a look at the careers of some of the greatest chefs in the business. In this month's installment we are profiling Wolfgang Puck , the Los Angeles-based chef known for his many ventures that range from fine dining at Spago to airport dining at Wolfgang Express to his annual dinner for the Academy Awards.

In part two we discuss what made chef Puck want to apprentice in France. He says it all started with a visit to the restaurant he was apprenticing in in Austria: "I remember in the third year of my apprenticeship, this French restaurant came from Dijon and did a week of their specials in our hotel and I loved the way they were cooking with wine — they were reducing wine to make coq au vin, beef bourguignon, stuff like that," he said. "And they made pâtés and it was so fascinating to me and so I said 'I want to learn that, and I want to learn the language!'"

To hear more about where chef Puck eventually ended up working and how he found his first real mentor, watch the video above! And make sure to watch part one if you missed it!. Look out for part three coming next Monday!