Chef Albert Adrià: ‘Yes to London!’

The world’s best pastry chef has set his sights on London as the home for his next venture

Chef Albert Adrià.

Spanish superstar chef and The Daily Meal's 2013 International Chef of the Year, Albert Adrià, who was recently recognized as the world's best pastry chef, expands his restaurant empire overseas, and his latest project will take his inventive cuisine to London. The details are to be announced in the next few days.

At present, his ventures include Tickets; Bodega 1900; Pakta, his Peruvian restaurant; and his two Mexican restaurants, Hoja Santa and Niño Viejo, which were unveiled last year after the splashy opening of his Heart in sunny Ibiza off the coast of Spain. He is, of course, the creative engine behind El Bulli, the world's most celebrated three Michelin-starred restaurant that closed in 2011 that brought him and his brother, Ferran Adrià, to the top of the culinary charts with millions of reservation requests and loyal fans around the world.

Albert Adrià is more than an extremely talented chef, he is a creative genius — always a step ahead in conceptualizing unique projects that earn Michelin stars, as his Mexican-themed Hoja Santa did recently. Adria's Tickets, Pakta, and the acclaimed 40 Degrees Experience that closed last year soon to be replaced by Enigma that is presently under construction, have also earned Michelin stars.


Stateside fans need not feel disappointed, as Albert Adrià, accompanied by his Hoja Santa chef Paco Mendes, will be in New York City on December 12 for a collaborative dinner at Alex Stupak's Empellón Cocina. The perfectionist who is at the pass every night, checking on plates going into the dining room, will be in action for his New York City fans, which are sure to include many star chefs.