Carrot Cake Oreos With Cream Cheese Frosting Flavored Filling Are Here to Stay

A delicious way to eat your vegetables – kind of

There’s now a fab new way to tell your mom (or yourself) that you ate your daily share of vegetables. Carrot cake Oreos are a new permanent addition to the Oreo line of sandwich cookies. And oh, all right, while they may not really qualify for vegetable status, they do offer carrot cake-flavored Oreo cookies, spread with a layer of cream cheese frosting-flavored crème filling.

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Carrot cake Oreos are available now in stores nationwide, and they’re not going anywhere. The cookie is a permanent addition to the Oreo lineup. They’ll join another permanent new Oreo flavor, the enticing dark chocolate Oreos, which were announced before Christmas, but came out on Jan. 2, same as their carrot cake cousins.

Need some other unusual Oreo news? The cookie brand has been baking up plenty of fun products these days, from a new powdered Oreo drink mix to a mini Oreo record player that really uses actual cookies as albums.


Carrot cake Oreos are certainly a creative addition to the Oreo offerings, but they’re far from the oddest flavor the brand has delivered. Check out the craziest Oreo flavors ever.