Block Party Blow Out Comes to New York

The Bresnitz brothers host a barbecue and record release party

The Bresnitz brothers are launching Snacky Tunes Live Volume 2 at Block Party Blow Out June 30.

Finger On the Pulse and City Winery are hosting their second annual Block Party Blow Out, a food and music block party and concert on June 30 from noon to 4pm in New York.

This dance party and feast features chefs like David Burke, Garrett Oliver, and Ty-Lör Boring grilling up barbecue, bands and deejays. Each chef and restaurant like Maharlika, Big Gay Ice Cream, Amali, Empire Mayo, and Maison Premiere is creating a unique dish for the Block Party Blow Out inspired by barbecue and their culinary influences. 

Tickets are $45 and include eight food servings, one from each chef, deejays like Pasternack (Lemonade) and Darin and Greg Bresnitz, and live music by Ramesh (ex-Voxtrot), Rewards (DFA) and Fletcher C. Johnson. The event also doubles as the record release party for Snacky Tunes Volume 2.

Snacky Tunes Volume 2 is the second compilation album by the Bresnitz brothers who host Snacky Tunes on Heritage Radio. The radio show invites bands and deejays to the twin brothers’ Brooklyn-based studio to perform live and chat about food-related topics.

Snacky Tunes Volume 2 contains tracks from Light Asylum, Gross Relations, Warm Ghost, and chef Marc Vetri. The album can be downloaded for free starting June 26.