How To Elevate Your Ramen Noodle Recipe

Everyone has his or her favorite ramen place for a bowl of noodles, but you can make the same amazing ramen recipes right at home. You can use a package of Top Ramen to make these recipes below. All you need to do is get rid of the high-sodium chicken flavor packet and add your own chicken or vegetable broth, a protein, and some amazing produce for a well-rounded ramen dish. Keep reading to find different ways to take your ramen recipe to the next level.

Chicken Chile Ramen

Here's a uniquely Latin take on a traditional Japanese favorite, ramen. Tomatillos and aji amarillo, a yellow pepper used often in Peruvian cooking, liven up the mix of flavors, and the addition of corn and chicken make this a complete, easy meal. —Wanda Colon

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Miso Broth With Ramen and Seared Tuna

This light Japanese broth is poured over tender ramen noodles (fine, quick-cooking wheat noodles) and topped with seared tuna to make a healthy and delicious meal. — Susannah Blake

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Bacon and Egg Ramen

Take your ramen recipe to new heights with a soft boiled egg, bacon bites, and spinach.

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Ramen Noodle Bowl With Chicken Thighs

This savory noodle bowl is perfect for a cool day. It is loaded with chicken, scallions, egg, and bok choy.

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