Dishing out the latest in food news

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The Daily Dish: Eating Red Meat May Not Hurt Heart Health

Dishing out the latest in food news
Dishing out the latest in food news

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Dishing out the latest in food news

A Systematic Review Found Eating Red Meat May Not Negatively Affect Heart Health

Contrary to current medical beliefs, a systematic review conducted by Purdue University found that eating red meat in excess may have little to no short-term effects on heart health. The results showed no impact on blood lipids or blood pressure in participants who consumed more than half a serving of red meat per day, concluding that the consumption of red meat has no short-term effects on heart health or heart attack risk factors. Researcher Dr. Wayne Campbell maintains that “red meat is a nutrient-rich food, not only as a source for protein but also bioavailable iron.”



Pregnant Waitress Gets a Surprise $900 Tip

Sarah Clark, a nine-months-pregnant waitress working at Phoenix’s Pita Jungle, got the surprise of her life when she received an over-the-top $900 tip for a $61 meal from a customer. The receipt left for Clark read, “This is God’s money. He gave it to us so we could give it to you.” Clark, who is due to give birth Jan. 8, told CBS, “You always hear about these happening, but you never expect to be the recipient of it. It’s huge help for me and my family.” 



Whole Foods Sells Chopped Cheese for $8; Is Slammed for Gentrification

Real New Yorkers know that a good bodega is measured by its chopped cheese sandwich. The chopped cheese resembles a Philly Cheesesteak, but is topped with lettuce and tomatoes and is usually sold for around $5 at bodegas in Harlem, the Bronx, and Queens. However, Columbus Circle Whole Foods is serving up its own version of Chopped Cheese at a price of $8, prompting angry New Yorkers to turn to Twitter to slam Whole Foods, citing gentrification as their primary offense. Beyond the absurdity of the price, people are also claiming that the sandwich barely resembles a properly made chopped cheese. Whole Foods has since stopped production.



Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Claims Extra Value Meals Aren’t a Bargain

It seems as though McDonald’s Extra Value Meal items actually cost less when ordered separately than when ordered as a bundle — and are therefore not that valuable. For example, two cheeseburgers, a medium French fries, and a drink at McDonald’s costs $5.90, but if ordered separately, it would cost 41 cents less. One McDonald’s customer, James Gertie, of Des Plaines, Illinois, is suing McDonald's and seeking class-action status for a consumer fraud and deceptive practices. The lawsuit targets restaurants in two Illinois counties and is specifically directed against McDonald’s manager Karis Management, who owns 10 McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago area.


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Study Shows Processed and Cured Meats May Worsen Asthma Symptoms


A recent study published in Thorax Journal found that a high consumption of cured and processed meats could lead to worsened asthma symptoms. “High intake” was defined as eating more than four servings of cured meat per week. The study monitored 971 individuals, 42 percent of whom had asthma, for the duration of seven years and found that there was a positive correlation between high intake of cured meat and worsened asthma symptoms in 20 percent of the participants, according to FoodNavigator-USA. Previous research has indicated that the use of nitrites, the high salt content, and the saturated fat content may be a cause for lung damage and asthma.