3 Food Smells Guaranteed To Get Your Kids Out Of Bed

I'm pretty sure that no kid is an early bird. When you try to wake them up they always ask for five more minutes — and you probably give in. Five minutes turns into 10, and now the day just needs to get going or everything will be off track. There'll be no time for breakfast, their outfits will be mismatched, and they'll probably miss the bus. No more yelling and fussing, because we have three food smells that are guaranteed to get your sleepy children out of bed.

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One word: bacon. Bacon will get every kid out of bed in the morning, we promise. When pork hits the sizzling pan it perfumes the house, and your little ones' stomachs will begin to growl. Make extra, because they'll have about four slices before you even finish breakfast.

Another dish sure to get your kids right out of bed is pancakes and waffles. I'm not sure if it's the idea of a decadent sweet breakfast or if they rush out of bed toward the smell of butter and syrup, but either way, stack some pancakes high, get them on the table, and add syrup — the kids will come running. No more screaming at the bottom of the stairs to get ready. These foods will do the trick.