Best Of... Green Weddings

There are weddings of all sizes. Small weddings, big weddings, really, really big weddings — but what makes them unique from one another? Some have Southern charm, some are uber-traditional, and some are so enchanting it's as if they stepped out of a fairytale. Now, the modern bride can stand out by having a green wedding.

Yes, a green wedding — a sustainable, organic, good-for-the-environment wedding that's a money-saver and a lifestyle-changer. For food lovers like us that means using organic flour in your wedding cake or local produce in your cocktails or menu. 

The green wedding is on the rise and for those of you that want to hop on board, now's your chance. Cue Kate Harrison, the founder and creator of Green Bride Guide, the source to all things green entertaining and green wedding planning. 

The Daily Meal and Green Bride Guide are teaming up to bring you effective tips for entertaining sustainably and planning the wedding of your dreams all while keeping the Earth intact. 

Look to our Pinterest board for ideas on how you can achieve a green wedding — you'll thank us!