America's Most Expensive Philly Cheesesteak Costs $120

When one thinks of expensive foodstuffs, the first things to come to mind are usually things like caviar, lobster, or maybe even an extraordinarily pricey bottle of wine. Philly cheesesteaks do not normally make the list. Sure, people love them. Last year a man was even buried with a Philly cheesesteak in each hand, but even those two sandwiches from the famed Pat's King of Steaks probably didn't cost more than $25. At Barclay Prime in Philadelphia, however, the world's most expensive Philly cheesesteak comes with a $120 price tag.

According to CNBC's Secret Lives of the Super Rich, the Barclay Prime Cheesesteak is made of wagyu ribeye on a sesame seed bun. Philadelphia natives do generally say that ribeye is the best meat to use on a cheesesteak, but they're probably not talking about the A5 grade wagyu ribeye chef Mark Twersky is using, which costs $75 a pound and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

"This is the money right here, this is the A5 waygu beef," Twersky said to CNBC. "It's so rich and flavorful."

The beef is topped with foie gras mousse, truffle butter, some more truffles, and "truffled cheese whiz," made of Italian caciotta al tartufo cheese, made from cow's and sheep's milk, with truffles added.

Any deep-pocketed truffle lovers who order the $120 Philly cheesesteak also get a half bottle of Champagne to go with it, and the world's most expensive cheesesteak actually sounds like it's pretty popular. According to Grub Street, it has been on the menu since 2004, and people do buy them. The cheesesteaks are often cut to be shared and eaten as appetizers at Barclay Prime, which was one of the 50 best steakhouses of 2017.