Aziz Ansari Sings Seal's Praise for Chicken

The comedian talks on 'Conan' about meeting Seal at a charity event, breaks out in song

Aziz Ansari

Food-loving comedian Aziz Ansari just has way too many stories about celebrities and food. In his appearance on Conan last night, Ansari recalls introducing Seal at a charity event with some pretty great karaoke. Not only that, he explains exactly how Seal speaks at the orthodontist and at a dinner party.

With the good stuff starting at 2:35 (but really, all of it is good), watch below to hear Ansari imitate the legendary Seal.  "All his song lyrics, those aren't song lyrics," Ansari tells O'Brien. "That's just the way he talks."

So if you're ever at a dinner party with Seal and you ask how the chicken is, you'll get something like, "I compare it to a kiss from the rose on the gray/ Oh the more I eat of it the tastier it is, yeah/ now that the chicken is through / the rice joins my food on the plate." This is almost as good as Ansari's food slang on Parks and Rec.