Ashley Delmar

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Wroclaw, Poland
University Of British Columbia, Wroclaw University Of Environmental And Life Sciences, International University Of Applied Sciences
Vegetarian Recipes And Substitutions, International Dishes, Romanian Cuisine
  • Being brought up in a family very much in touch with its Romanian roots, Ashley was immersed in the rich and unique flavors of Eastern European cooking from a young age. Recipes like mamaliga and sarmale hold a special sentimentality for Ashley and remind her of Christmas Eves spent in her grandmother's kitchen.
  • As a teenager, Ashley began working as a waitress in an Indian restaurant in her hometown where she was first introduced to international flavors. Since discovering dishes such as papri chat and paneer makhani, Ashley embarked on a love affair with South Asian cooking that has lead her to seek out all of the aromatic cuisines the region has to offer.
  • After finishing school at the University of British Columbia, Ashley moved to Wroclaw, Poland to pursue an education in veterinary medicine. Living in Europe has given Ashley the chance to sample traditional cuisines from countries such as Germany, the U.K., Belgium, Austria, and of course Poland.


After looking for a way to earn extra income in college, Ashley began her career as a professional writer a decade ago. Throughout this time, her writing has appeared in many online publications including TheTalko, TheThings, and 22 Words. She has also dabbled in other areas of writing, including science communication, sports medicine, and technology. In addition to her professional publications, Ashley has also authored a number of academic papers in the field of veterinary medicine.


Ashley studied Psychology at the University of British Columbia and is currently completing her veterinary degree at Wroclaw University of Environmental Sciences in Wroclaw, Poland.
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