9 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

On a daily basis, we consume an array of foods that have can cause unsightly teeth

9 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

After my morning cup of coffee, leftover pasta with tomato sauce for lunch, and snacking on some fresh cherries, I combed over my finalized list of foods that stain your teeth and realized how many foods on that list that I had just eaten. On a daily basis, we consume an array of foods that really do have an effect on color of our teeth. From what beverage you choose for your morning jolt to the sauce you pair with lunch, these are foods to be aware of, and it helps to keep a brush at your desk.

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Sometimes, you can’t avoid these foods — and many of them are healthy choices. Depriving yourself of fresh summer fruits and berries isn’t an option, but you can do some things to help fight stains. First of all, don’t let stain-causing foods and drinks stay in your mouth for long. Instead, swallow and chew them quickly to help protect your teeth. It’s also important to rinse and brush after eating.

Another tip is to use a straw to sip on some of these drinks. This way, the liquids are kept away from your teeth and reduce the risk of staining. While iced coffee and tea are easy to drink through a straw, hot beverages and wine are more difficult. Be sure to rinse with a sip of water in between and after drinking.

There are quite a few drinks and foods that can cause teeth staining, but you can adopt some of these habits to reduce the discoloration effects. The health of our teeth is important and it starts with the foods that we eat — check out this list to see how you can help your teeth avoid being at risk for stains.

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar sticks to your teeth, which can cause discoloration. Stick to salads with balsamic vinegar because the lettuce can serve as a barrier to the dark pigments.

Soy Sauce

The pigment in soy sauce adheres to your teeth causing stains. If you’re eating sushi and soy sauce, drink some green tea or water in between bites.

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