Foods To Eat Before Yoga

"Breathe in, arms up, excel, and swan dive into forward fold," begins the average yoga class. But before you get all into your downward dog, what should you eat? To keep blood sugar levels balanced and energy up, some sustenance is surly necessary before any yoga class. We've rounded up a few of our favorite healthy choices to keep your warrior poses looking fierce.

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Your lunges may not be perfectly aligned, but let's get one thing straight — you don't want to eat a huge meal before yoga, just a few snacks to refuel and energize you throughout class.

Don't weigh yourself down with a huge plate of pasta, but snack on a bowl of oatmeal instead. The oatmeal will hold you over until the end of class, but not weigh you down with carb overload.

Avoid super sugary foods so you don't crash midway through class, but get your sweets from a piece of dark chocolate or dried fruit. The dark chocolate can help keep your blood sugar levels balanced and the dried fruits contain natural sugars, which can help give you an energy boost.

Whether you're practicing in a hot room or at room temperature, hydration is also essential to a good practice; drink water before, during, and after class to keep your energy up.

Make sure to snack on a few of these foods and you'll have the stamina and power to do your best — all the way to through class. Namaste! 


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Almonds are great to snack on throughout the day and especially before yoga. They can help you stay hydrated and give your muscles strength and power to hold those yoga moves. Try eating plain and unsalted versions.


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Bananas are a great pre-workout snack. They are potassium and magnesium-rich, which can help prevent cramps and bloating.

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