8 Great Treats for Kids' Parties

For a child, nothing is more fun than customizing your own celebratory sweet

Cake Pops


4. Mini Tarts

What child doesn’t like to play with food? Stock up on miniature tart shells (shells can be found in your market's freezer section or here. You can also make your own) and let party guests create their own custom fruit tart. Make vanilla pudding and lemon curd for the filling, and set out a variety of sliced bananas and berries for garnish. All each child needs is a spoon for filling the shell — their fingers will do the decorating. 


5. Gluten-Free Whoopie Pies

What’s not to love about tender chocolate cakes sandwiched around a fluffy marshmallow filling? For the birthday boy or girl who is gluten-intolerant, these rich and chocolaty hand pies are the perfect thing to serve instead of a traditional flour-based cake — especially when dressed up with a tinted filling that ties in with the party décor (just add a couple of drops of food coloring to the filling and mix well before assembling the pies).


6. Brownie Balloons 

Decorating cookies at the holidays is an activity many kids look forward to all year, so why not make it a tradition at birthdays, too? Instead of sugar cookies, use brownies that have been baked thin in a sheet pan instead. Cut out shapes once the brownies have cooled slightly and arrange on a tray. Come dessert, set out an array of frostings, sanding sugars, and sprinkles on the party table for the kids to create their own colorful balloon creation.


7. Smoothie Jellies with Ice Cream

What child doesn’t love jiggly Jell-O? For an easy party treat that you can make in advance, try one of these nutritious Jell-O alternative. Combine gelatin and your child’s favorite fruit smoothie flavor and pour into individual (preferably clear plastic or glass) cups. Just before serving, top each jelly with a scoop of ice cream or sorbet. Our favorite combination reminds us of an orange creamsicle: orange-mango jelly with a scoop of vanilla.


8. Cupcake Pops


You’ve had cake by the slice, but cake on a stick? Ranked #9 on our list of top food blogs, Bakerella is many a home cooks go-to resource for decorating tips and recipes. Her Cupcake Pops are a birthday party favorite that can be decorated in a variety of ways — plus, they're sure to appeal to kids both young and old.