7 Easy Sriracha Recipes

Recipe SWAT Team tackles Sriracha this week
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Will Budiaman

Will Budiaman

David Tran, the man behind Huy Fong Foods and its now ubiquitous product, Sriracha, probably didn't see anything like this coming: an explosion in popularity outside of the Asian-American community, from the chile sauce's integration into popular chain restaurant menus like those of Applebee's and P.F. Chang's to its newfound place in haute cuisine with celebrity chefs. The hot sauce, after all, was originally created as a convenience for Vietnamese consumers who wanted something to dress up steaming bowls of phỏ noodle soup.

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So we thought it was about time, then, to turn our attention to this spicy condiment as the theme for this week's Recipe SWAT Team. Some of us took an Asian-inspired approach, and others a more unconventional approach. Take, for example, Anne Dolce's Spicy Sriracha Wontons, which pack some serious heat and flavor into the filling thanks to Sriracha. If you've never made wontons before, they're easier than you think. And then there's Tyler Sullivan's Sriracha Mac and Cheese, which takes an old favorite and puts a new twist on things. But don’t miss out on the winning recipe, Nathan Cyphert's Maple-Sriracha Pretzels Recipe.

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This post was originally published on February 15, 2013