7 Better, More Interesting Drinks To Order On A Date

We already know that your drink order can tell your date a lot about you. But no matter what your poison is, there's a classier, tougher, or more interesting option out there that will impress your date before you've even sat down. Here's a guide to seven popular drinks and their cooler cousins.


Whiskey Sour → Sazerac 
Sugar, Peychaud bitters, and water with a twist. Still sweet but just a little classier. (Plus the name sounds like a druglord from an '80s action movie.)


Cosmo → Accomplice 
Cosmos are fine on girls night, but they're not going to earn you any cool points on a date. If vodka's your poison but a martini is too strong for you, try an Accomplice — vodka, champagne, strawberries, lemonade, and a little sugar 'round the rim. Just try not to sound too hard-core when you order one of these puppies. "I'll have an Accomplice." Whoa. You want a suitcase full of money and a getaway driver with that?


Captain and Coke → Chicago Fizz 
Nothing says, "I hate the taste of alcohol, but man do I like to get wasted" like a Captain Morgan and Coke. It's the dude equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea. Still, if you can't manage to shake your penchant for silly drinks, we can't fault you that. But, you may as well go really silly. Try a Chicago Fizz — white rum, port, powdered sugar, carbonated water (that's the "fizz" part), and an egg white. Raw eggs are tough (bring it on, salmonella!) and at the very least, it's a conversation piece.


Stella Artois → Victory Prima Pilsner 
That light, crisp, and just a side of bitter taste you love Stella for? Victory Prima Pilsner makes it taste like a Diet Sprite by comparison. And it will get you just a bit drunker, just a bit faster.

Long Island Iced Tea → London Iced Tea 
Long Island might have its charm, but London is the international capital of charm. The across-the-pond version of your old standby is made with gin, rum, amaretto, simple syrup, lemon juice, and Coke. It still has that "kitchen sink" quality that gets you reliably plastered, but you'll seem just a little classier when you're dancing on the table.


Guinness → O'Hara's Irish Stout 
Guinness is a perfectly fine beer. But you're better than "perfectly fine," right? You're "mighty fine" (or at least that's what you want your date to think). You need a mighty fine stout. O'Hara's goes down just as easy as Guinness, but you're going to want to swish it around in your mouth a little first before it goes down the hatch. You might even be moved to wipe your mouth with your hand and declare, "That's a mighty fine stout."


This same mentality can also be applied when ordering drinks for your date. For example, if your date orders a Whiskey Sour and you say, "Ever tried a Sazerac? You'll love it," won't you seem knowledgeable and worldly? And if you provide them with a new, better signature drink? They'll be forever in your debt.


— Scott Alden, How About We


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