What Your "Drink" Says About You on a Date

Are you an easy going Bud Light drinker or trying to impress with a Martini?

What you order on a date can definitely send a signal, whether or not it's one you're conscious of. Sure, the list below is mainly full of generalizations, but there's some truth to every stereotype...

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Martini: If you're a guy, you're trying to impress (and it's probably working). If you're a girl drinking a dirty martini, you're a hot mess: the dirtier, the messier, the hotter.

Vodka on the Rocks: Too self-conscious to actually order a martini.

White Russian: Obsessed with The Big Lebowski, and probably The Daily Show. Or, you just like to drink dessert.

Bud Light: You're easy going, laid back, and at home at a sports bar. If you're a girl, you know how to hang with the guys.

Stella Artois: You have no particular knowledge or affinity towards beer so you just order "Stella" cause it's familiar.

Lillet/Campari/Aperol: You're twee, and possibly like to throw around words like "mixology."

Vodka Cranberry: When in doubt, you stick to what you drank in college.

White wine: You're definitely a woman. You're possibly a little uptight.

Prosecco: You're often a little uptight, but tonight you're looking to party.

Whiskey, neat: You're hot. Regardless of gender.

Jäger: Secretly wishing you were hanging out with your buddies.

Vodka Gimlet: You're a huge dork, but you hope sort of in a cool way?

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Kolohemonkey's picture

I really don't get the whole Vodka craze, it's not a particularly flavorful drink. I've always thought of it as an alcoholic thing, if you just want to get drunk and don't care about taste drink Vodka.


"Whiskey, neat: You're hot. Regardless of gender. "

I'd like to think someone hot enough to order this, would spell Whisky correctly. Because there's nothing hot about drinking Irish or bourbon neat.

scomata's picture

I'd like to think that someone who would make a comment about the spelling of Wiskey would know that it is spelled both Whiskey (Scottish Spelling) and Whisky(American Spelling). For Bourbon see Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky vs Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey.

Also, if you dont think drinnking Bourbon neat is hot, you must be into metrosexuals, because that is the only way you drink good bourbon, with the exception of on the rocks if you prefer it chilled. You NEVER mix good bourbon, NEVER!

Yours Truly, Kentucky.

Keli's picture

Not much investigating background, huh? I don't feel as though there were enough different aspects looked at on the judgments of these preferences of drinks. My profile picture is of my most wonderful husband, Jonathan who comes from a small town, life-long hard worker from middle-upper-class family, who has long hair, wears Harley, prefers motor cycles to others, singing-guitar player who lives on 80s Glam-Rock who has women older, married, just met at a bar, etc... saying "I love you" after one night. . You got the picture; Not the typical biker. His #1 drink of choice is the classic Gin Martini, dirty w/2 olives-shaken. His nickname in Quincy, Il? "Martini" no show off there. he's actually been teased over yrs and just shruggs it off. I'm hoping this was a joke article because it's hysterically inaccurate.

samuraishonan's picture

I drink shouchu mixed with lemon or green tea.

Kolohemonkey's picture

My Mom who is an 86 yr. old Japanese woman, filled my head when I was young with stories of mishaps of people who drank shouchu, so I always thought of it as an low-class drunk's drink. When it became trendy, I had a laugh. Shouchu with lemon or green tea sounds lovely.


What about somebody who prefers local micro brews? Or a simple rum & coke? Or 18 yr old Scotch?

Obbop's picture

How about those shunning alcohol?

Not needing to numb their brain to interact with others?

As my Amish neighbors say; Don't drink or drive.

sdfafad's picture



Whatever happened to G+T ??

Kolohemonkey's picture

I so adore G & T but I'm 2 old to be trendy. LOL

Samurai1833's picture

Everyone knows your drink doesn't say anything... unless you've had nine of them. As for me Sapphire Gin and Tonic in summer, a neat double Michael Collins Irish in the winter (or Crown Royal if MC is unavailable).

The Congenial Hour's picture

Don't lie to us :) If you prefer a light spirit in the warmer months, and a dark spirit in the colder months, and prefer brands such as the "pretty blue bottle" and "The Big Fellow", you're not just the type that grabs ANY drink for the H-E-double-hockey-sticks of it! Although I wish you had a scotch, maybe a Speyside, as an alternative to your Michael Collins. Crown Royal? Neat, really? No judging, just queries :) I prefer "The Big Fellow" also: check this post out where I mentioned it -- http://thecongenialhour.tumblr.com/post/13226581237 Take care!


Somehow I missed the rehabilitation of PBR in the last few years. I just turned around and there it was. It used to be the iconic redneck beer, the brew of choice for Larry the Cable Guy types who would rather be neutered than attend a poetry reading (which to most of them would probably amount to the same thing). Pretty bizarre transformation.

Kolohemonkey's picture

Too true! It's vile.


FAIL!!! no 'good' beers.. ala Sam Adams, Victory, Guinness, Dogfishead, or even Yuengling Lager.

What this article says about the author---i have never been outside the trendy bars that have 25 dollar covers in NYC but I know about PBR because someone with a beard told me.

jway's picture

Although I like to drink tequila and coke, I much prefer to socialize and relax with marijuana instead of alcohol. Marijuana is far LESS harmful than beer and wine which are LEGAL, and is also far LESS harmful than the federal marijuana prohibition which empowers the Mexican drug cartels and draws drug dealers into our communities and around our children.

Just look at how hard it is to buy illegal alcohol and how easy it is to buy illegal marijuana and you see firsthand the effectiveness of alcohol legalization and the ineffectiveness of marijuana prohibition.

It is outrageous to have the federal government ban stores from selling legally-grown marijuana to adults when this ban *doesn't* prevent people from buying, selling and using marijuana, and *does* make marijuana easily accessible to children by creating large profits for drug dealers where otherwise there would be NONE.

SuzanneC's picture

This is the best "What Your Drink Says About You" article I've ever read. And you're spot on!

The Congenial Hour's picture

The premise of this article is true -- what you order says a lot about you. While that varies based upon your age, gender, background, and prejudice levied upon those three attributes, we should be aware that how, where, and why we drink is a definite personal statement about your cultural identity. It is also responsible to note how the where, how, and why affect WHAT you drink -- disrespect the bottle and it will disrespect you.

I invite you to visit The Congenial Hour at http://thecongenialhour.tumblr.com/ where I discuss issues like these. Our parents, grandparents, forefathers, and founding fathers cared about what they drank, and we shouldn't neglect or turn up our nose at those customs and foundations because we think they've been taken over by hipsters, "Mad Men" watchers, frat boys, soccer moms on the loose, and party girls. Be well and drink better. #getcongenial

Nikolas Xenophon

Lisa Polak's picture

When I drank I would order a double beam neat and a bud light...most ppl thought I was "hardcore" cause of what I drank.


I'm female, and I like martinis. So why is it that every time I order one, the bartender asks me if I want gin or vodka? If I wanted a vodka martini, that's how I'd order it. But I just smile and say, "Gin, thank you."

So for you bartenders out there, what's the deal?

Kolohemonkey's picture

I agree, Vodka martini are a violation of what a martini is meant to be.

aad187's picture

In my experience as a bartender while I was in college, the Under 40 crowd typically (I'd say 70% of the time), takes their Martini's with Vodka rather than Gin. This goes up to probably 90-95% when it's a woman ordering the drink. For reasons I'm not entirely sure of, Gin has kind of gone out of favor for the younger demographic. Most tell me they flat out can't stand the taste of Gin, particularly the women. So, when you (and I assume you're under 40) go to a bar and order a Martini, the bartender is smart enough not to be presumptuous, and so he asks you your preference. I generally do this as well, unless it's a Martini that traditionally calls for Vodka. Interestingly enough, on the flip side, with the over 40 crowd, I usually ask "Gin, right?" and about 90% of the time I get a "yes". You also have to remember that most Under 40 folks these days really don't know the proper way to order a drink, so we have to really make sure we know what they want so we don't end up having to pour it down the drain and mix a new one.


I drink Sprite, what does that say?


I drink Long Island Ice Teas and I don't have a drinking problem. Just like them But I only ever drink two of these. Drink what you want enjoy life


What my drink says about me is that I just had a taste for that particular drink. That's it.


Guinness, a pint of. James Bond may drink Vodka martini's, shaken not stirred, but the SAS drinks Guinness.


Bloody right.......and some still drink The Glenlivet 12 year old.
Still drink Guiness, but if affordable 20 year old,nectar of Maeve.


Why would anyone want to spend any time with someone impressed with a drink order? (sexual release aside)


This article would seem to confirm my prejudiced thoughts about the shallowness of people that consider bars a "life style".

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