50 Best Wedding Cake Bakeries In America

No matter how many dessert fads sweep the nation, America is still obsessed with cakes. Not just eating them, but ogling them and analyzing them to the point where cakes have their own network specials on popular cable shows. We love the way they are designed, the intriguing flavors woveninto the batter, and the overall ability to make a cake that is a personal extension of the self through intricate designs.

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This is particularly true of a wedding cake. On average, wedding cakes alone can cost $466. The level of detail, the amount of people it serves, and the laundry list of specifications a couple has adds up. While it was speculated that wedding cakes were on the decline, The New York Times deduced just the opposite. A wedding cake is simply a must at any wedding, and it is an extravagance people are willing to pay for so they can have a confection that really defines them as a couple.

That said, choosing a wedding cake baker is an important decision, and one that can't be based on looks alone. So we set out to discover what makes a wedding cake baker the best, and who in America is doing it right.

To determine this, we scoured the country (via the internet) for highly-rated bakeries with long lists of satisfied clientelle, taking the top contenders from each state into a final list for consideration.

Once we determined their worth via popular ranking, we subjected them to even deeper scrutiny to narrow down some of the fine selections. First we evaluated the variety and creativity of the cakes in question. Sure, a bakery may make a killer doughnut, but can they bake a wedding cake with complex flavors that looks as pretty as it tastes? We then analyze their social media interaction, their number of followers and "likes," as a metric for how involved they are with their clients and how up-to-date they are on current trends. And for the final level of analysis, we used our editorial discretion to evaluate overall quality and value, taking all of these elements into consideration and our own expertise (seriously, we've covered wedding cakes quite frequently) to determine the best bakery to commission a quality cake for your nuptials.

So before you say "I do," or "yes" to your fabulous dress, don't forget to consider cake and check out these amazing bakeries!

50. Ana Paz Cakes, Miami

wedding cakes
Owner Ana Paz, 62, has been creating cakes in Miami for over three decades. Like a fine wine, Ana Paz Cakes have only perfected over time, with multitudes of celebrity and returning clients at their family-owned bakery. From wedding planning assistance to everyday occasion cakes, Paz does it all. As for the wedding cakes, Paz's traditional style has a touch of whimsy to it. Her custom-made cakes, however, are towering confections with intricate details and limitless imagination.

49. The Cake Lady Bakery, Sioux Falls, North Dakota
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When The Cake Lady Bakery is in the kitchen, you know that only the most beautiful, delicious cakes are going to come out of the oven. While this small-town bakery in rural America may have the rustic, traditional charm you're looking for, that doesn't mean they don't know how to keep it current. Up on the latest wedding cake trends (like the "naked" cake) and capable of sculpting anything, this bakery can create extraordinary cakes to fit any couple. 

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