5 Toasts to Champagne Day

A day to celebrate the bubbly? We'll pop some open and learn more about the favorite drink

Getting married? Got promoted? Bought a house? Heck, got out of bed this morning? Any reason is reason enough to pop open some bubbly, but this weekend there's an especially good reason: Champagne Day, on Sunday, Oct. 28, brings together enthusiasts worldwide to toast a glass. 

Champagne has a long and rich history behind it (Las Vegas Weekly shares some interesting facts — did you know champagne was originally very sweet when it was first made?), and it's often the drink of choice at many parties, weddings, and celebrations. The Daily Meal shares its "best of" champagne stories, plus a few champagne cocktails to get the party started. 

Toast 1: You have to try this champagne cocktail at New York City's Waldorf-Astoria, the Peacock Alley Champagne Cocktail. It's made with fresh strawberries, peppercorn-infused Galliano, and Ayala 'Brut Majeur' Champagne. 

Toast 2: Want a super expensive bottle of champagne? This one sold for $156,000 — and is 170 years old. 

Toast 3: Buying your own bottle? Here are the champagne facts you need to know. 

Toast 4: We ask you: what is the world's best champagne

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Toast 5: End it all with a few more champagne cocktails; after all, it's not a true champagne holiday without a French 75.