5 Sexy Food Gifts

"Your slacker boyfriend gives you a cupcake; your lover gives you macarons." Thus quoth The New York Times recently in an article about the sexy qualities of macarons, the airy pastry that's been taking New York by storm for the past year or so.

Because everyone knows that the way to a man (or woman's!) heart is through their stomach, here are some more sexy food gifts to send to a lover:


1. Macarons

 Macarons are airy, almond cookies with a creamy filling — and they are sexy. In the words of The New York Times: "A macaron teases. Dainty, nearly weightless, it leaves you hungrier than you were before. It is but a prelude to other pleasures." What's more, they usually come in a sexy box tied with a ribbon — whomever you send these to will feel quite woo'd.


2. Champagne

People use champagne to celebrate special occasions — a wedding, a promotion, an opening. Showing up on a random Tuesday night with a bottle of Veuve shows that you think any random night with your date is worth celebrating. Obviously, this is going to set you back more than your average Two Buck Chuck, but the point of expensive champagne is that you have to sip it slowly. You can't rush a $70 bottle of champagne, and you can't let it go to waste either. Think of it as utterly delectable foreplay, in a bottle.


3. Almonds

At first, almonds may not seem like the sexiest of gifts, but actually the nuts have been regarded as aphrodisiacs since ancient times. In fact, Alexander the Great would have almond soup every night before meeting his mistress. Almond soup may have gone out of fashion in the last 1,000 years or so, but you can still send your significant other a bag of the really high-end stuff.


4. Figs

Supposedly, figs were Cleopatra's favorite food, which makes sense. You can just imagine her sharing a ripe fruit with her lover, Julius Caesar. Figs are unmistakably erotic and have long been associated with the female form. In other words, this ain't your grandma's fruit basket.


5. Chocolate

Of course we had to include chocolate on this list; it's a classic lover's gift for a reason. If you really want to make a statement, find out her favorite kind beforehand and fill an entire box with it. And in terms of aphrodisiacs, dark chocolate works best.

— Chiara Atik, How About We


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