What to Bring Your Hosts This Holiday Season Slideshow

For Bacon Lovers (with a Sense of Humor): Bacon Candies
For the Trendsetter: French Macarons
For Your In-Laws: Italian Cantuccini and Vin Santo
For the Budget Traveler: A Trio of Olive Oils
For the Romantic Interest: Cheeses Fit for Bubbly
For the Meat Lover: Salami Like They Make in Italy
For Colleagues: Hearty Soup Mixes
For the Working Parents: Copper Pot Food Company Sauces
For the Person with a Sweet Tooth: Artisanal Caramel
For the Host Who Is Always Having a Party: Sweet and Savory Jams
For the Francophile: Parisian Croissants, From Your Oven
For Families: Blackberry Farm Pantry Staples