5 Last-Minute Bites From The Culinary Content Network

Are you all ready for St. Patrick's Day this weekend? We are! We've got our slow cookers prepped for corned beef and cabbage, our trifle dishes good to go for shepherd's pie, a cocktail list that never ends, and a slew of playlists to keep the party going. It's safe to say it's going to be a great time.

Get Your Last Minute St. Patrick's Day Fix from the Culinary Content Network!

With a weekend full of plans and parties, there won't be much time to prep, so we're double-checking our recipes, lists, and tips for Sunday.

When reading a few of our favorite blogs this week, we realized we might have overlooked a few things, which is why we're highlighting a few stories from our beloved Culinary Content Network to have all our bases covered when it comes to the Irish holiday.

They're talking treats, kids' activities, and authentic recipes.

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