5 Booze-Filled Recipes for New Year's Eve

Boozy recipes to round out the celebratory meal
Triple Chocolate Cookies
Maryse Chevriere

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Popping bottles and knocking back craft cocktails are musts on New Year's Eve, but the real die-hards take it one step further — with booze-filled dishes. Cooking with spirits, wine, or beer is not a new concept, but it is one that adds flavor and depth to dishes. While most of the alcohol generally burns off, the unique characteristics of the liquid you're using usually remains. 

Try this German beer pizza, which braises pork in beer and then finishes it with a Jägermeister glaze. Or make this recipe for skillet-roasted chicken that's topped with a reduced red wine and butter sauce. 

New Year's is all about new beginnings, excitement, and celebration, so why not kick off 2012 with foods laced with booze? While you don't have to make all of these recipes, adding one or two to the evening's menu might add another element of fun. 


Red Wine-Soaked Portobellos

These thick and meaty mushrooms beautifully soak up the red wine and other juices to create a luscious side dish or appetizer.






Osso Buco

Ideal for a dinner party, these veal shanks are braised with tomatoes, broth, and a dry white wine until the meat literally falls off the bone. 





Skillet-Roasted Chicken with Lavender and Red Wine-Butter Sauce

Don't let the feminine guise fool you, this lavender-kissed sauce is rich and very seductive. 





German Beer Pizza

For a group, try making this boozy pizza that's topped with braised pork loin. 






Triple Chocolate Cookies with Sea Salt and Guinness

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