4 Innovative Cocktail Mixers, Cubed

See what happens when mixers get the ice, ice, baby, treatment
Pomerita cocktail
Maryse Chevriere

Pomerita cocktail

Freezing Bloody Mary mix into ice cubes to use in an innovative, modern take on a Bloody Mary. It's the kind of idea you can't help but look at and think, "Damn, that's clever, why didn't I come up with that?" 

Consider the ingenuity. Ice — while an important and often overlooked ingredient in making cocktails — inevitably waters down your drink. The solution: Make the ice with something you actually want to melt into the drink. And for the home entertainer hosting a cocktail party, what is more appealing than mixers you can make ahead of time in bulk batches for cocktails that only take seconds to assemble? (Not to mention they're quite eye-catching).

Drawing inspiration from Randy Clemens' Bleeding Mary, here are four cocktails that turn mixers into an ice cube affair.



A unique take on a pomegranate margarita where lime juice and pomegranate seeds are frozen into an ice cube for stunning visual effect.


Big Bad Pickleback

The Pickleback easily ranks as one of my favorite shots, and this recipe provides a translation to cocktail form. Think of it as a new way to enjoy whiskey on the rocks.


Chocolate Cherry Russian

Taking the traditional White Russian in a new direction by making a chocolate milk and cherries ice cube. The more the cube melts, the better the cocktail gets. The Dude definitely abides.


Black & Stormy

A reworking of the classic Dark 'n' Stormy (of couse it can't legally be called one unless it's made with Gosling's rum) — this one features an impressive cube of frozen ginger beer muddled with fresh blackberries.