3 New Ways to Enjoy Eggnog

New recipes that riff on the traditional eggnog

While we gave you 8 facts you may not have known about eggnog, we now give you new ways to enjoy eggnog: an "eggstreme" recipe, an alternative milk recipe, and a milkshake. After all, once you pour the non-alcoholic eggnog for the kiddos to enjoy, there's always enough eggnog for the adults to enjoy a spiked treat. 

The Almondy Umami Eggnog: This eggnog recipe doesn't use traditional cow's milk, but almond milk instead for a sweet cocktail. You can infuse the amaretto before your guests come over to make the cocktail hour easy for everyone. 

The Eggnog Milkshake: Because we know you need to get rid of that vanilla ice cream in the fridge. 


The Eggstreme Nog: Peach Schnapp's in eggnog? Oh yes, that's a win. Enjoy!