Alphabet Ice Cubes from 17 Most Awesome Ice Cube Trays

17 Most Awesome Ice Cube Trays


Alphabet Ice Cubes


For those who need to be mixing up words in your drinks. 

Drink to Try It In: We know kids will get a kick out of this, so why not a juice or sparkling water? It's sure to be a hit at the kids' birthday parties. 



Death Star Ice Cubes


For you Star Wars fans out there. 

Drink to Try It In: A good whiskey or Scotch will last you through your marathons of Star Wars movies on a Saturday night. But it can go into your PG-rated drinks too, especially while throwing a Star Wars-themed kid's birthday party. 


T-Rex Ice Cubes

3B Scientific

For the paleontologist in all of us. 

Drink to Try It In: No kids' party punch bowl, like this kid-friendly party punch with sherbet, would be complete without some dinosaurs roaming in it; for adults, something clear (like vodka) to preserve the bone structure. (So scientific, we know.)



Fish-Bone Ice Cubes

Beep Bee

For the food lovers out there. 

Drink to Try It In: A light summer cocktail will go best with your seafood dishes. Try the Summer Sipper cocktail or the Summer Skies cocktail, to let your little fish swim.



Hip-Hop Ice Cubes

Cool Stuff Express

For all of your blinged out needs.

Drink to Try It In: If we thought you could add ice to Cristal champagne, we'd tell you to drink like the rappers — but since that's frowned upon, we'll take a gin and tonic instead. 



Ice Invaders Ice Cubes


To make your drink that much more, er, intimidating. 

Drink to Try It In: Let your little guys attack the carbonation in a simple soda or a gin and tonic. We're sure these guys are bound to be a hit with your outrageous kids' birthday parties, too. Add them to a simple birthday party punch and let your kids fight over them.


Spherical Ice Cubes


For the classic cocktails and spirits drinkers.

Drink to Try it In: For the whiskey and Scotch drinkers who are sick of whiskey cubes; watch this big guy melt away as your fears melt away, too. You can never go wrong with a big ice sphere with five classic whiskey cocktails. 


Octopus Ice Cubes


For pretending that you're drinking in the deep, blue sea. 

Drink to Try It In: Anything tiki and tropical — a big guy like this would do well in a Scorpion Bowl, or the Grand Cherry Tiki cocktail. 



Pac-Man Ice Cubes

Paladone Products

For those feeling a little nostalgic for the days of pinball. 

Drink to Try It In: Any throwback to the '80s and '90s (may we recommend a sought-after Surge?). 




Shark Fin Ice Cubes


For those hoping to inspire a Jaws-like fear into their party guests. 

Drink to Try It In: If you want to be really gruesome, a red-tinged drink might do the trick: try the updated Vodka Cranberry recipe, for a unique twist. 




Caterpiller Ice Cubes

Fred & Friends

For those who like creepy crawly things (but you know, cute ones.)

Drink to Try It In: A green one, obviously: imagine it in a Midori Sour, or even a mojito (you can pretend like they're crawling through the leaves). For kids, it's a perfect addition to a creepy big birthday party. 


Cat Ice Cubes

Bed Bath and Beyond

For the friend that simply collects too many cat things — hey, now she can add them to her drink!

Drink to Try It In: We dedicate this one to Liz Lemon, a once self-proclaimed cat lover, and her famous drink: the white wine spritzer. Otherwise, something fruity for a girl's night in. 


Fred Face Ice Cubes

Kitchen Kapers

For the drinkers always in a tropical state of mind. 

Drink to Try it In: Anything tiki-related, obviously (Jerry "Beachbam" Berry, we'd personally gift this one to you.) Try it in a cherry tiki cocktail, or even a Blue Hawaiian, and pretend like you're sipping on summer. (Tiki torches not included.) 






Funny Faces Ice Cubes


For those who like something staring back at them in their drink... well, that sounds creepy. 

Drink to Try It In: Thanks to the sphere shape, it'd be good for a whiskey, or a soda for the kids. 



Vampire Teeth Ice Cubes


For the Twilight and True Blood obsessed (just don't bite on them too hard.)

Drink to Try It In: You can be really literal in your vampire love with a strawberry, rapsberry, or cranberry drink. 



Porsche Ice Cubes


For car geeks (and dudes really, really trying to impress everyone with their ride).

Drink to Try It In: The most expensive whiskey you own, obviously. For kids, though, it's perfect for any birthday punches you might have.