A Seasoned Tomato Slice Is Just What Your Breakfast Sandwich Is Missing

A breakfast sandwich is the perfect solution to any morning meal on the go and is a great way to pack all your favorite ingredients into one bite. Morning meals can be heavy with rich ingredients, but the perfect way to lighten up your next breakfast sandwich is with a seasoned tomato slice. Whether thick or thin, a fresh tomato will add a lightness to your sandwich that complements other heavy ingredients. Tomato pairs well with ingredients like sausage and bacon, eggs any style, and other lighter bites like avocado. If you like cheese on your breakfast sandwiches — in a slice or via cheesy eggs — the acidity of your tomato will make for a great addition to the creaminess of the dairy.

Seasoning your tomato slices also helps you match the flavor profile of the rest of your ingredients. You can customize your spices to emphasize your tomatoes' natural savory taste amidst sweeter breakfast foods, making it the perfect complement to your sandwich. Plus, tomato and toasted bread are a classic combo, like in a high-protein avocado toast, so on all accounts your tomato will fit right into this classic breakfast meal. While there are many ways to take your breakfast sandwiches to the next level, adding seasoned tomato slices might be your new favorite. 

Make the most of your seasoned sliced tomato

Seasoning your tomato slices can be a one-of-a-kind experience every morning. If you're aiming for something simple, opt for a dash of salt and pepper — you can also change this up by using flaky sea salt for a stronger taste. To spice things up, season your tomatoes with chili flakes and cumin, which will add heat and a heartier flavor. A tip to marry this into other ingredients on your sandwich is to also add cumin to your eggs.

Aside from a ripe burst of flavor, tomatoes also add a change in texture that many breakfast ingredients lack. Its crunchiness is simple yet effective in breaking up some of the softer surrounding foods, but only if you add the tomato at the right time. Since most breakfast sandwiches are served hot, you'll want to save your tomato for last. Heating your tomato slices will make them mushy, and it won't have the same bite of freshness. Of course, if you prefer an entirely warm sandwich, try heating your ingredients individually ahead of time — this way you can incorporate warm, slow-roasted tomatoes straight onto your sandwich.

Finally, seasoned slices of tomato are great on breakfast sandwiches because they don't fall off. They're a sturdy ingredient that you don't have to worry about falling off the bun. But if you want to be extra careful, try placing the tomato towards the top of the sandwich so it can nestle into your eggs or cheese.