Are You Brave Enough To Try TikTok's Pickle Dr Pepper Trend?

Social media is a place where weird food trends abound, whether that's TikTok's unappetizing-sounding rat snack, the cinnamon challenge, or the plethora of water recipes. One new trend taking this social media outlet by storm is making a pickle Dr Pepper.

Some users have dubbed the drink the "Dr Pepper Pucker." It really is as simple as it sounds; just pop a few pickle slices into a glass or cup of Dr Pepper it give it a stir. The combination blends the spicy notes of the soda with the briny acidity of the pickles for a unique blast of flavor. Plus, it seems that the addition of the pickle juice adds an unusual texture to the drink, which transforms the mouthfeel of the beverage.

It's unclear who came up with this drink. Still, these types of combinations aren't that uncommon in the southern United States, where adding salted peanuts to Coca-Cola is a known combination. Plus, many TikTokers who have tried this combo hail from this area. So, perhaps its origins can be traced to somewhere in that region.

How to get your hands on a pickle Dr Pepper

The main way TikTokers have been getting their hands on this beverage is by ordering it at local fast-food joints. When the drink first went viral, one TikToker snagged it at her local Sonic Drive-In. Although this seems to be the go-to location for finding the unique concoction, others have headed to different fast food chains, such as In-N-Out Burger to pick up the drink.

Whichever chain you head to, you can try ordering a pickle Dr Pepper. In some Sonic locations, they may actually be familiar with the item and will make it for you. Otherwise, you might need to request a Dr Pepper and ask for a side of pickles separately. Then, once the drink arrives, you can stir the pickles in yourself. You could also ask for a little pickle juice if you want to increase the dill and brine flavors in your beverage.

And of course, if you don't want to leave the house, you can always make it at home yourself. This can give you more control over the flavors, letting you experiment with different types of pickles or even stir in some pickle brine.

What TikTokers are saying about pickle Dr Pepper

Opinions on whether pickle Dr Pepper is good or bad vary quite a bit. Some TikTokers claim that you shouldn't knock it until you try it. Others noted that the extra flavors from the pickles were unnecessary or stated that this might be more of an acquired taste. Still, others commented that they couldn't actually taste the pickle.

Beyond opinions on the classic combo, some brave users have decided to venture out and put their own twist on the beverage. One TikToker stirred in some banana peppers to give it a bit of a kick. In the comments, another user suggested putting a twist on this and stirring Costco butter pickles into a cup of Coca-Cola. Someone else said to try banana peppers with Sprite. Or, you could try the Witch Doctor from Whataburger, which combines all the sodas in the drink machine with tangy pickle brine for its own unique spin on soda and pickles.

With the internet so divided, there's only one step left to take: Give this wacky combination a whirl on your own. Who knows, it may wind up being your new favorite fast-food beverage!