An Expert Weighs In On The Best Wine To Pair With Green Curry

Pair a steak with a full-bodied red wine, and fish or chicken with a crisp white. This standard wine pairing rule is drilled into the brain after one wine tasting, but what about when it comes to finding an ideal wine to pair with dishes with more complex flavor profiles, especially meals loaded with spices and seasonings like green curry? There are a few key elements and essential wine pairing tips to keep in mind, such as balancing the acidity and sweetness of both the curry and the wine. But Gabriel Corbett, sommelier of the two-Michelin-starred Jônt restaurant in D.C., has shared a few specific recommendations with Daily Meal for pairing wine with green curry.

"Green curries with more aromatics can be fun with a blanc de blancs Champagne or with a high end Junmai Daiginjo sake," Corbett told Daily Meal. A blanc de blancs Champagne, meaning a Champagne made entirely from white grapes, is clean and crisp, and will be higher in acidity than your green curry, helping to round out the strong aromatics while gently cooling down some of the spice.

Consider your green curry's specific flavor profile

While the spice level varies when cooking different types of curry, Thai green curry is often milder than a red one, depending on how generously you use green chiles. However, green curry often includes more fragrant, fresh aromatics like lemongrass and coriander, along with crisp veggies like green beans. If you're not so familiar with sake, note that a high-quality Junmai Daiginjo sake, per Gabriel Corbett's recommendation, offers a sweet honey and clean, clear rice flavor. It will also be drier, smoothing out the intensity of the green curry without masking its layered flavor.

Corbett shared two of his specific favorite brands of blanc de blancs Champagne and Junmai Daiginjo sake that he prefers with green curry: Ruinart and Kuheji's Eau du Desir. Whether or not you can find these particular high-end Champagnes and sakes, just remember to consider the specific spices and aromatics involved when selecting the perfect wine to pair with your meal.