What's So Special About TikTok's Viral 3-Ingredient Pancake Bowl?

Pancakes aren't generally thought of as being a healthy food, but a recipe recently posted on TikTok is changing that perception. A viral pancake bowl is taking the platform by storm thanks in equal parts to its simplicity and wholesome ingredient selection. All it takes is a box of pancake mix, half a banana, and a special addition that takes the place of milk or water.

By adding liquid egg whites to the pancake bowl, you increase the concentration of protein exponentially. You can also boost nutrition even further by incorporating protein powder along with the other ingredients. One of the many neat things about this recipe is its portability. Unlike traditional pancakes, a pancake bowl can be made in a sealable container and taken wherever you go. One commenter highlighted the convenience of the recipe, stating, "I love that it's a bowl. So easy for on the go to work, headed to the ski hill etc. 100% trying this."

How to make a healthy pancake bowl even tastier

If you're aiming for simplicity, this viral recipe is about as easy as they come. However, certain elements can boost the flavor of the dish while also increasing its nutritional benefits. For instance, yogurt adds creaminess to the recipe and makes it a bit more decadent. Fruit, such as berries, are also perfect as a topping. While the TikTok video features frozen fruit, fresh might be a better option if you want to enjoy your pancake bowl immediately.


my fixation breakfast🤤 base: -paleo pancake mix -egg whites -collagen protein @Kaizos -mashed banana top: -coconut yogurt -frizen berries -almond butter -granola -cacao nibs & bee pollen -honey or date syrup #healthyrecipes

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As for texture, your favorite brand of granola is another welcome addition. Crushed cocoa beans, better known as cacao nibs, are another option, particularly if you're a fan of complex flavors. When comparing cocoa to cacao nibs, the latter imparts a roasted flavor that some liken to coffee beans. Other options include syrup and nut butter for enhanced sweetness. But while there's no denying that these ingredients are incredibly nutritious and that the preparation couldn't be simpler, is this pancake bowl really all that it purports to be?

What are people saying about this viral recipe?

While much praise has been heaped on TikTok's 3-ingredient pancake bowl, some people aren't too impressed. For instance, one commenter stated that getting a fluffy pancake consistency was much easier said than done. "I've made this a couple times now. Every time the middle doesn't cook in the 1.3minutes so I put it in longer but then the outer part is overcooked," stated the person, with others chiming in, saying that they had a similar experience.

Elsewhere on TikTok, the pancake bowl recipe has received praise but doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. According to a content creator on the platform, "Nothing beats a pancake on the griddle...this is pretty good if you're short on time." And while it's touted as a simple 3-ingredient recipe, toppings are essential to overcome the somewhat eggy flavor of the dish. Overall, it appears that TikTok's latest food obsession is big on nutrition but somewhat lacking in flavor and overall quality — depending on who you ask.