15 Fabulous Gay Wedding Cakes And Cake Toppers

Traditional wedding cakes frosted in white are still beautiful options for any couple. But as we progress in wedding trends, we've found that wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers are getting more personal. Both serve as extension of the couple, an edible representation of who they are, whether that is playful or romantic, heterosexual or same-sex.

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Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding cake on their wedding day. And with 13 states (and hopefully many more soon) finally legalizing gay marriages, same-sex couples have a little bit more to celebrate on their big days. 

While rainbows are still a popular theme, we found that cakes and cake toppers for same-sex couples are trending more toward sleek, artistic, and heartfelt styles that describe who they are as a couple. From the overly glamorous to the subtly sweet, we found a ton of beautiful cakes (and a few toppers) from real couples who decided to show off their style via their wedding cake. Have a look through our slideshow to see how beautiful wedding cakes can truly be!

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