15 Easy Fish Recipes For Summer

At first, cooking fish may seem incredibly intimidating. It's easy to overcook and is wholly unappealing when undercooked. But once you get started, you'll see that it's really not that difficult. It's actually just the opposite! (Though we don't necessarily recommend trying to cook salmon in your dishwasher.)

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The best thing about fish, especially fresh seafood, is that its flavor is so beautiful and delicate on its own that you don't need much else to jazz it up. Plus, fish cooks quite quickly and makes for a light meal, making it a great option for warm summer nights, when you don't want to have your stove on for too long.

Whatever kind of fish reels you in — whether it's tuna, salmon, branzino, swordfish, or a classic, flaky whitefish — there's a quick, easy, and healthy recipe out there for you this summer.

If you're ready to get started cooking fish more often, we've put together a collection of 15 easy fish recipes for you to try at home, with a summer twist. They're light and delicious and take advantage of some great seasonal ingredients. Don't wait any longer! Because before you know it, summer will be over.

Will Budiaman contributed to this article.