December Aldi Finds For Your Own DIY Wine Tasting At Home

With a chill in the air and the evening darkness setting in earlier and earlier, you may be wondering how to spend these long December nights at home. After all, you can only wrap so many presents, play so many board games, and veg out in front of holiday specials on the television for so long before you get bored and start itching for something new to do. In that case, it might be time to consider a do-it-yourself home wine tasting! What better way to spend those long, dark winter nights?

So spark up the fireplace and call up a few friends to join in on the fun, because Aldi has got a selection of finds to help finish out 2023 with the best at-home wine tastings ever. From glasses to decanters, corkscrews, and even an electric wine set, the budget grocery store has everything you'll need for a spirited evening in.

Ambiano Electric Wine Set

Say goodbye to split corks and easily open any wine bottle with just the press of a button with the Ambiano Electric Wine Set. The set also comes with a foil cutter, an aerator, two reusable stoppers, and a wine preserver to remove the air from your opened bottles so that they can stay fresh longer. The set will be available on December 13 and will run you a mere $16.99.

Crofton Wine Bottle & Glass Caddy

This convenient caddy will make it easy and safe to carry a bottle of wine and glasses at the same time, which makes for convenient tasting. No more worries about those glasses clinking together and shattering as you carry them! Priced at $12.99, the Crofton Wine Bottle & Glass Caddy will also hit Aldi shelves on December 13.

Crofton Wine or Beer Tasting Flight

Save on washing up those full-size wine glasses after the tasting by taking advantage of the Crofton Wine and Beer Tasting Flights, available at Aldi stores on the 13th of December. There will be two versions available for just $9.99 each. Choose between a mini decanter set and a shot glass-style set.

Crofton Assorted Specialty Drinkware

Also hitting store shelves on the 13th of December, Crofton Assorted Specialty Drinkware sets come in four-packs of flat-bottom wine glasses, high-ball glasses, and low-ball glasses. Each set will run you just $9.99. Since they'll come in handy for more than just wine tasting, why not pick up all three?

Crofton Wine & Whiskey Decanters

Decanting your wine will help make the most out of your tastings by allowing the wine to breathe, especially red wine. Three different versions of the Crofton Wine & Whiskey Decanters will be available on December 13. There will be a colorful green and gold decanter with a stopper, a clear whiskey-style decanter with a glass stopper, and a traditional clear glass wine decanter, all for just $9.99 apiece.

Crofton Wine and Cheese Accessories

Every good wine tasting needs cheese, of course. So be sure to pick up cheese and wine accessories from Crofton at Aldi stores starting December 13th. Products will include a handy cheese cutter, a vacuum wine stopper to help keep your opened bottles fresh, and a foldable corkscrew.

Holiday Magic 5 Days of Sweet Red Wine

Most importantly, you'll need to stock up on wine for that do-it-yourself home wine tasting. Why not pick up a five-pack while you're at it? Boxes of Holiday Magic 5 Days of Sweet Red Wine, which contains five smaller bottles of various red wines, will be available on December 6 for just $19.99.

Holiday Magic 5 Days of Dry Red Wine

If dry wine is more your style then you'll want to grab Holiday Magic's case of 5 Days of Dry Red Wine instead. This set of five mini bottles will also be available on the 6th of December for the price of $19.99. Of course, you can always grab one of each. It is the holidays, after all.