Do Costco Hot Dogs Cost The Same In Other Countries?

Fans know that Costco food courts in the U.S. offer hot dogs that are cheap and delicious, but what about stores in other countries? Curious minds might want to know if people around the world are paying a different price. While the prices are overall cheap, they are not identical everywhere. When you convert to USD, there are a few fluctuations compared with the price stateside. 

Whether you prefer to eat before or after shopping, the Costco food court is a glorious reward for pushing that huge shopping cart full of heavy bulk items. After buying large quantities of (mostly) essential items, shoppers deserve a treat at an affordable price. In the U.S., Costco's food court hot dog costs $1.50 and includes a soda, making it an economical option for feeding the family after spending more than you planned to. 

Whether you live in the U.S. or abroad, the good news for shoppers is that the company doesn't show any signs of raising the price of this incredibly cheap combo (which has remained constant since the 1980s) anytime soon. According to Costco's soon-to-be-stepping-down CEO Craig Jelinek, the co-founder once said he would "kill" him if he raised the hot dog combo price, making it clear that this cheap, iconic menu item is here to stay (via 425Business). The members-only warehouse sells an average of around 135 million hot dogs per year, so it makes sense that the founders wouldn't want to upset their loyal customers. 

Costco hot dog combo prices around the world

Costco has over 800 stores in 14 countries (with most locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the U.K.) In Canada, the country second to the U.S. with the most warehouses, the hot dog combo is listed for 1.50 Canadian dollars on the menu, which at the time of writing converts to $1.10 USD. Canadian shoppers also have the option between an all-beef hot dog or a Polish sausage, whereas the Polish dog was cut from U.S. menus in 2018. 

South of the border, Costcos in Mexico sell their all-beef hot dogs for 35 pesos, which converts to about $2. According to a picture of the menu in the Costco subreddit, it looks like the hot dogs in Mexico are loaded with jalapeños and onions, which some Redditors argue makes it worth the extra cost. Australia and Japan also have hot dogs listed for less than $1.50 on their menus. In Australia, the combo is 1.99 Australian dollars ($1.30 USD), while in Japan it costs 180 Yen ($1.20 USD). Both countries offer 100% pork hot dogs, instead of the all-beef hot dogs sold in the U.S. Costcos in China (which also have pork hot dogs), sell theirs for 10.9 Yuan, which converts to the same price as in the U.S., $1.50. The hot dog combo in South Korea is similarly priced at 2,000 Won or about $1.55 USD.

More combo prices in other countries

Over in Europe, people in the U.K. are paying 1.50 pounds or $1.89 for an all-beef hot dog combo, while Costco in France charges 1.50 euros, which is about $1.65. At the only Costco store in Iceland (at the time of writing) a hot dog and soda combo costs 299 Icelandic Króna ($2.17). 

Keep in mind, while hot dog combo prices vary in every country, it can be deceiving since some retailers in other countries have tax-inclusive pricing (meaning the tax is already included in the listed price). For instance, in the Costco subreddit, a user posted the food court menu in Spain showing the combo for 1.50 euros. However, one Redditor responded that Spain's price has the value added tax already included in the final price.

While Costco's hot dog combo is a tried and true favorite, one of the best things about visiting the membership warehouse in other countries is getting to try foods you won't find on the U.S. menu. A trip to various Costco food courts around the world will have you eating chicken wings in Canada, mini donuts holes in Australia, bulgogi and shrimp pizza in South Korea, jacket potatoes in Great Britain, a cheeseburger in Iceland, and croquettes in Spain.