Can You Get A Custom-Made Cake At Whole Foods?

Perhaps no other dessert screams "celebration" quite like a cake. One of the best ways to add a personal touch to special occasions from weddings to birthdays is a cake with a custom design, and for frequent shoppers at Whole Foods Market, you're in luck. One of the many perks of shopping at the chain is that the bakery at your nearest location can create a cake with a size, flavor, and written message chosen by you.

Whether it's for a graduation, baby shower, retirement party, or just because, Whole Foods' bakeries can create a cake for the occasion. The chain sets itself apart from other competitors for a few reasons, one of them being its dedication to using "better" ingredients such as unbleached flour and cage-free eggs, and never using any high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colors. Whole Foods cakes also come in all different sizes, from small 6-inch round ones to full sheet cakes that can serve more than 20 people.

How to order a cake from Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers customers the chance to display different celebratory designs on cakes. The supermarket's large line of sheet-sized chocolate or vanilla "Celebration Cakes" offers decorations like a trio of frosting balloons, frosting flowers, or even giant ribbons piped in icing. You can even choose different messages to be written on the cake, including "happy birthday," "happy anniversary," or simple sayings like "congratulations."

If you want a slice of any of these cakes, it's pretty easy to place an order. To start, you can easily do it all online. Just go to the Whole Foods website, pick a location, and take your pick from dozens of pre-made or custom cake options. (Note that customers must place orders at least 48 hours ahead of time.) If you prefer a more personal interaction, customers can also call a Whole Foods location near them to talk to a bakery representative about cake customizing options.

If you'd like a smaller cake or want to save time, Whole Foods also has plenty of desserts that can be picked up more quickly.

More dessert options from Whole Foods

For those who don't feel up to creating their own custom cake, there's plenty of pre-made cake options to choose from at Whole Foods. Customers can schedule any ready-made cakes for pickup or delivery, or they can always head inside a store near them to browse for themselves. There are dozens of different cake flavors to choose from, and limited-time options are available for every season. 

For one example, Whole Foods has an exclusive Berry Chantilly Cake that many customers find delicious. This cake is one of the many flavors available year-round, and comes with vanilla cake and Chantilly cream frosting that is topped with fresh berries. The chain's chocolate cake with ganache and buttercream frosting is another popular offering. Every store is different, but options they might offer include a fluffy tiramisu or a New York-style cheesecake. Whether you're up for creating a custom cake or prefer to choose a classic dessert from your store's bakery case, the choice is up to you.