McDonald's Holiday Pie Is Officially Back For The Season

All year long, customers can count on getting a Baked Apple Pie from McDonald's. Every so often, the fast food chain also releases different pie varieties such as Cookies and Creme and Guava and Creme. However, it's only during the holiday season that McDonald's fans are able to get their hands on the Holiday Pie. This menu item features a buttery pastry dough that's studded with rainbow sprinkles and filled with vanilla-flavored custard.

McDonald's Holiday Pie made its first appearance in 1999 as part of a "Toy Story 2" promotion and, although it initially disappeared after the promotion, it made a comeback a little over 10 years later. Since then, it has become a seasonal favorite, and it's currently back for another stint on the menu. In a recent press release, the company announced that the Holiday Pie would be available for a limited time starting November 14 and sticking around through early January, or as long as supplies last.

Where to get McDonald's Holiday Pie

Though McDonald's is known to roll out limited-time offerings nationwide, the Holiday Pie is only available in select cities. Since being released, fans have seen it popping up all across the U.S. If you live in New York, New England, Illinois, Ohio, California, Texas, or Oregon, you may be able to find the Holiday Pie at your local McDonald's. But, much like the McRib, McDonald's has chosen not to disclose the exact locations where the Holiday Pie is available.

If you're hoping to get one before the chain runs out, your best bet is to enter your zip code on the McDonald's app or website and see if the Holiday Pie pops up as an option on the menu. As with any McDonald's menu item, prices vary from location to location, but you can expect to pay a little over a dollar for the Holiday Pie.