Why You Probably Want To Skip Snapdragon Chicken Pad Thai At Costco

Costco members know that the warehouse retail chain offers lots of great products available for purchase in bulk. In addition to the store's Kirkland brand, shoppers can also find lots of other goods. Snapdragon, a manufacturer that provides goods to Costco and other grocery chains, is known for creating instant meals inspired by a range of Asian cuisines. However, the brand's chicken pad Thai is leaving many shoppers with a bad taste in their mouths, literally.

On Reddit, one Costco shopper described it as, "Among the worst meals I've had in years. Quite possibly one of the worst I've had in my life." The person went on to say that the dish was a far cry from genuine pad Thai preparations, which typically consist of rice noodles, tofu, eggs, and bean sprouts that are seasoned and stir-fried. As for Costco's spin on the original recipe, chicken takes the place of tofu, which is paired with veggies, rice noodles, and pad Thai sauce. Because everything is pre-cooked, the dish only requires reheating before it's ready to eat.

How bad could it really be?

Tastes obviously vary from person to person, which means that not every product at Costco will be universally praised. However, the chicken pad Thai from Snapdragon has received some scathing criticism from shoppers. The dish has been dubbed "Worse than cat food," and subsequently given a 0 out of 10 rating in the taste department. The sauce included with the dish has also come under fire for its tomato-forward flavor, whereas the authentic pad Thai sauce has a subtly sweet, yet savory flavor thanks to the inclusion of ingredients like lime and tamarind.

The criticisms continued in another Reddit thread, where the Snapdragon dish was described as, "barely edible" and "like eating a pureed tomato." Many of the commenters who had the misfortune of sampling the dish claimed they discarded subsequent portions and vowed to never eat it again. In this case, shoppers should learn more about Costco's return policy and how it works to ensure they're properly compensated for unsatisfactory items.

What to do if you're unhappy with a Costco product

Like most other grocery chains, Costco has instituted a return policy that enables shoppers to get refunds on certain products. Some exceptions apply when it comes to things like electronics, alcohol, and specially ordered items, but many of the store's other products are fair game when members are dissatisfied. Items bought in-store and those purchased online can both be returned to the nearest Costco location and returns for online purchases can also be processed using the Costco website.

Unless exceptions apply, most customers will receive a refund for the unwanted item. However, some items must be returned within a 90-day period or they cannot be refunded. Costco encourages shoppers to bring the original packaging for the product, but you can probably still secure a refund if you no longer have it. When in doubt, consult with a team member to determine whether the return is valid. While it's disappointing that the Snapdragon chicken pad Thai is so dissatisfying, it's good to know that Costco members have options when it comes to refunds.