The Simple Way To Score Extra Andes Mints At Olive Garden

Olive Garden, the popular Italian-American chain, is no stranger to changing its menu over the years to keep up with the consumer's ever-changing tastes. However, one thing at Olive Garden that has not changed is the classic after-dinner Andes mints. A tradition that began only a few years after the first Olive Garden opened in 1982, Olive Garden's wait staff almost always give each guest a piece of minty chocolate with their bill. If you're one of the many Olive Garden customers who love this tradition, then you'll be happy to learn that getting a few extra mints on the way out is surprisingly simple.

In fact, according to one Olive Garden employee in an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, to get a few extra Andes mints at the end of your meal all you have to do is ask your server for them. The Redditor also went on to explain that if your server doesn't have any on hand, it's not the end of the road. Another option is to ask the host or hostess at the front of the restaurant on your way out. This works because they usually keep a box of Andes mints up there with them at the front of the store.

What if you want more than just a few extra?

Of course, sometimes a few chocolate mint squares just aren't enough. What happens if you want to have a stash with you at home for an after-dinner treat every day? Well, according to one viral TikTok video, you can ask for a whole box of Andes mint at Olive Garden, although you may have to pay for them. In the video, the creator asks an Olive Garden employee directly if she can purchase a box of the mints, to which the employee smiles and replies "Absolutely." However, it looks like the creator didn't actually purchase the box and just wanted to confirm that it was possible because in the comments she admits to not having found out how much the price of a box of Olive Garden mints would be.


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However, these chocolate mints are not the only surprising iconic Olive Garden item that fans can purchase from the restaurant. Recently it was also confirmed that for only $15, customers can purchase that Olive Garden cheese grater directly from the restaurant itself. This means that you could have both Olive Garden mints and the special hand-crank parmesan grater at your next pasta night.

Where else to get those delicious mint chocolates

While it does seem possible to purchase an entire box of Andes mints from Olive Garden, as many commenters below the viral TikTok video pointed out, you don't have to get Andes mints at the restaurant — you can also buy them from other places like the Dollar Tree. While store-bought Andes mints won't have the Olive Garden logo on them, they are still made with the same chocolate as the ones from Olive Garden. In fact, the only difference between the two versions is the packaging. While some commenters under the TikTok video claimed that the Andes mints in the store are never as good as the ones at Olive Garden, this may just come down to the fact that going out to eat with friends or family and having a mint chocolate square afterward feels special, whereas doing the same at home may not be able to capture those same feelings.

If you're one of those people who feels that the regular store-bought Andes mints just aren't that good, you may need to up your mint game and try out some other mint chocolate treat options. Some great choices include mint and fudge grasshopper cookies from Keebler, mint and dark chocolate KitKat duos, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and the slightly more expensive Frango mint chocolates.