November Aldi Finds For Your Winter Holiday Sweet Tooth

Aldi is always looking for fun new ways to bring exciting deals to customers, whether through the German grocer's weekly special buys or seasonal Aldi Finds. And now that the spooky season is coming to a close, Aldi is preparing to trade out its apple and pumpkin-flavored treats for new winter holiday goodies. While it's a little sad to see all those delicious October Aldi Finds go, the newly released list of November items contains everything you need with 13 new products to satisfy your winter holiday sweet tooth — from creamy Choceur hot cocoa bombs and white chocolate peppermint bark to caramel stroopwafels and musical tins of classic sugar cookies.

According to Aldi, all 13 new seasonal finds are expected to hit the shelves starting November 2. Keep in mind that most Aldi stores separate the Aldi Finds from regular products. Although the layout of each location may vary, Aldi Finds are usually located in the middle of the store and marked with special signage at the end of each aisle.

Winternacht Almond Spekulatius

You may have already tried Aldi's seasonal Winternacht Spekulatius plain spiced cookies, which are a classic Aldi seasonal staple. However, this new release has a special nutty twist. On top of the already delicious German-made cookie, this year, Aldi will offer an almond version in which each cookie has almond slices pressed into the bottom for a delectable crunchy bite. These cookies will sell for $2.99 per box.

Choceur Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

If you love that winter season peppermint-and-chocolate combination, you're in luck because Choceur is offering two versions of its smooth peppermint chocolate bark. Available in both dark and white chocolate, these breakable shards of velvety goodness contain chunks of real peppermint and will sell for $4.99 per 8-ounce package.

Moser Roth Mini Chocolades

If you are hunting for classic foil-wrapped chocolates for this holiday season, Moser Roth has you covered. These little chocolate balls are the perfect velvety after-dinner treat, available in three flavors: Classic chocolate, 70% cacao dark chocolate, and milk chocolate filled with hazelnut cream. Each bag will retail for $2.99.

Dark or Peppermint Drizzled Kettle Corn

Those wanting a salty snack for watching warm family movies or sitting by the fireplace will find what they need in Aldi's two flavors of seasonal kettle corn. These winter popcorn fan favorites are available in peppermint and dark chocolate-drizzled varieties and are back by popular demand. Each five-ounce bag will sell for $2.29.

Winternacht Marzipan Stollen

As the second product from Winternacht on this list, the marzipan stollen may be the one shoppers are least likely to pick up because they just don't know what it is. However, when you see it, you'll want to grab one because this deliciously sweet powdered cake-like bread is worth a try and, according to Aldi Reviewer, is surprisingly good and best served with a cup of hot coffee. Each loaf will sell for $6.75.

Specially Selected Caramel Stroopwafels

Imported from the Netherlands, Aldi's tiny and delicious stroopwafels are the perfect gooey-yet-crunchy treat for a cup of hot chocolate or coffee after a long day of sledding or building snowmen. These fun waffle-like cookies are filled with caramel and will sell for $3.49 a box. In the past, these little treats have received glowing reviews from shoppers and caused many to lose all self-control.

Choceur Hot Cocoa Bombs

Why make hot chocolate the old-fashioned way with a little packet of powder when you can drop a big ball of Belgian chocolate into a cup and watch it all melt together before your eyes instead? Bonus: This product has a secret, and even though you can't see the marshmallows, it doesn't mean they aren't there. These hot cocoa bombs come in assorted flavors and sell for $5.99 a box.

Benton's Sugar Cookie Music Tin

Part of the Aldi Find's winter lineup for a few years now, Benton's cookie tins are not only special because they hold a bunch of cookies, but also because they play Christmas music when opened. This year, the containers will come in two versions, including a white tin that will play "Let it Snow" and a blue one that will play "Merry and Bright." Each tin will sell for $5.99, creating plenty of holiday cheer.

Specially Selected Continental Cookie Assorted

This box of cookies seems to have everything you need to get a variety of sweet treats during the holiday season. It contains all kinds of cookies, from plain sugar to those topped with milk chocolate, almond shavings, or both dark and white chocolate. This product was a favorite last year, with Aldi fans unable to resist them. Each box of assorted cookies will sell for $5.99.

Winternacht Panettone

A panettone is a traditional Italian sweet Christmas bread and is the perfect addition to a cup of tea or coffee with its sweet flavor and cake-like consistency. The Aldi version of this bread follows the traditional recipes and includes little sweet pieces of candied orange peel and raisins. Each box of panettone sells for $5.99.

Choceur Pecan Caramel Cluster Gift Set

If you are looking for a gooey and crunchy chocolate set to give as a gift (or to just keep at home and eat yourself), this pecan caramel cluster gift set by Choceur is the perfect option. Selling for $5.79 per box, this seems like a great little treat for a cold winter's day.

Specially Selected Winter Gourmet Peaches

When the weather gets cold and gray and the days get shorter, we could all use a sweet little pick-me-up like this. Aldi's specially selected gourmet peaches will sell for $3.49 a jar and come in three flavors, including vanilla, cinnamon, and almond with amaretto.

Benton's Candy Cane Sandwich Cremes

If you love Oreo-like cookies and are especially excited for the classic peppermint bark flavor to hit the shelves, then Benton's candy cane sandwich cremes are worth a try. Made with chocolate wafers that are double-filled with candy cane flavored cream, one package of these cookies rings in at $2.69 — slightly cheaper than the name brand competitor.