Superman Nuggets: The Australian McDonald's Ordering Tip You Need To Try

The McDonald's menu is chock full of sinfully delicious meals such as its classic Big Mac, tasty McChicken, or ever-delicious chicken McNuggets. Speaking of McNuggets, these bite-sized foods pair perfectly with the chain's wide range of sauces, such as sweet and sour sauce or honey mustard.

While most McDonald's fans stick to pairing their nuggets with these tasty dips, that's not the only way to enjoy them. You can also hop on the bandwagon of a new trend Australian TikTokers are implementing — Superman nuggets.

Superman nuggets are essentially just chicken nuggets from McDonald's (or Maccas, as those from Down Under call it) wrapped in cheese. Then, they're dipped in some of McDonald's dipping sauce. TikTokers have tried pairing them with Big Mac sauce, barbecue sauce, sweet and sour sauce, and more, so it seems up to you which of these dips you want to go for. If you want to try this spin on Mickey D's nuggets, you've got to know how to order them.

How to order McDonald's superman nuggets

Ordering McDonald's Superman nuggets is pretty straightforward. First, you will want to order your nuggets in the available boxes of four, six, 10, 20, or even 40, so you have plenty of sizes to choose from depending on your hunger level.

Besides the nuggets, you'll also need to order cheese slices. For this super snack, you'll use about half a slice of cheese per nugget, so order half as many slices as nuggets. Finally, don't forget to ask for your favorite sauce!

Now, while there are some McDonald's secret menu items the staff can assemble for you, you'll have to create the Superman nuggets yourself. Start by diagonally breaking your cheese slices in half so that each half forms a triangle. Then, wrap them around the nugget so the triangle resembles a cape. Finally, dip them in your chosen sauce and enjoy this delicious creation!

Other McDonald's nuggets tricks to try

If you've already tried Superman nuggets and are looking for other ways to enjoy this popular item at McDonald's, you're in luck, as this is far from the only ordering trick to implement with your nuggets.

One simple McDonald's hack to give a whirl is to try nuggets with a bit of extra crunch. For this McDonald's hack, you'll want to ask for your nugs to be well-done or extra crispy. Some TikTokers claim that this will get you nuggets that have been cooked for a little longer, giving them even more oomph. Just note that there's some debate about whether McDonald's will honor this request.

Another way to ramp up your standard bite-size chicken at Mickey D's is to create a spin on loaded fries. Order nuggets, fries, and both buffalo and barbecue sauce for this trick, and mix them all. The result is a delicious meal jam-packed with flavor. So, don't just order plain nuggets next time you head to McDonald's. Try using one of these hacks and stepping up your snack standards!