What's On McDonald's Secret Menu?

Discovering secret menu items is like being a part of an insiders' club. Just think: everyone else in line is ordering what's on the menu, while with a knowing wink and a nod you can conjure up an item that nobody else is ordering. While it might seem like the McDonald's menu and their streamlined process might have done away with secret items, there are still a few that you can order, even if they require some assembly. And remember, because most McDonald's are independently-owned franchises, they might not be receptive to every request.

Neapolitan Shake
Order this, and you'll receive chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes blended together.

McKinley Mac
If you get funny looks after ordering this, just ask them for a Big Mac, but with quarter-pound patties.

Grilled Cheese
Ask to replace everything in your burger (except for the bun) with melted cheese.

The Mc 10:35
If you order a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin during the brief window where both items are available, you can get rid of the bun and stick the patties and cheese right into the McMuffin. Now that's what I call breakfast.

Pie McFlurry
Order a pie and a McFlurry, and they'll blend them together for you if you ask nicely.

Order hotcakes and the yogurt parfait, and then combine the two (or ask them to do it for you).

The most famous off-menu item, this one is created by sticking a McChicken inside a double cheeseburger.