Keep Guacamole Green Way Longer With A Delicious Hack

Guacamole is one of those foods that goes well with everything. It can be a wonderful addition to fresh or cooked veggies, eggs, toast, burgers, pizza, or even desserts. If you love its flavor, you'll want to prepare it in batches and enjoy it over several days. But first, make sure you know how to make your guacamole last longer and preserve its vibrant green color.

This creamy dip will last three to four days in the refrigerator but may turn brown within hours. The main ingredient, avocado, contains enzymes that react with oxygen. These enzymes are released after you peel and cut the fruit, resulting in a mushy brown mess.

One way to keep your guacamole green is to cover it with salsa fresca, or pico de gallo. When you're ready to eat it, simply remove the pico de gallo or incorporate it into the mixture for extra flavor. 

Use pico de gallo to keep guacamole from turning brown

Pico de gallo is a Mexican salsa made with onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, cilantro, and fresh lemon or lime juice. Depending on the recipe, it may also contain coriander, pineapple, bell peppers, and other extras. Some of its ingredients, such as tomatoes, jalapeños, and lime juice, are rich in vitamin C. This antioxidant prevents the enzymes in avocados from reacting with oxygen, keeping the fruit from turning brown.

With that in mind, put a layer of pico de gallo over your guacamole and then refrigerate the whole thing. You can cover the bowl with plastic wrap to keep the air out. This hack helps slow down oxidation, keeping the guacamole green for longer.

On a similar note, you can squeeze a lemon or lime over the dish to preserve its color and texture. When you're ready to serve the guacamole, stir in the lime juice or drain it and then use it in salads or other dishes while it's still fresh. However, pico de gallo will give it a richer flavor than plain lemon or lime juice. 

Other tricks for keeping your guacamole green

If you're not a fan of salsa fresca or don't have the ingredients on hand, simply use onions to keep your guacamole green. All you need to do is store cut onions with guacamole in a bowl in the fridge. With this hack, your dish will stay fresh for up to one week. When you cut an onion, it releases sulfuric compounds that help prevent the avocado from turning brown. "While you might taste a tiny tinge of onion, it's definitely not overpowering, and it's super subtle," cookbook author Nicole Keshishian Modic told ABC News.

Another option is to use the Guac-Lock, a special container that keeps air out and prevents oxidation. The gadget is the brainchild of Jane Och and Sharon Price, two mothers who've tried all sorts of things to keep guacamole from browning. "I kept googling for months and months. I couldn't understand; there's no way somebody hadn't come up with this idea," Och said in an interview with CNBC. "Sure enough, nobody had," she added.

Looking for an even simpler solution? Pour some water on top of the guacamole, and then cover with plastic wrap. The water will act as a barrier to oxygen, keeping the dip fresh for longer. Alternatively, cover the guacamole with a thin layer of olive oil to slow down oxidation. With so many options to choose from, there's no reason to eat brown guac ever again!