How To Make Your Guacamole Last Longer

It's a common scenario: You stop by the supermarket, purchase the ripest avocados and whip up some perfect guacamole. It tastes better than great, and you can't wait to snack on it over the next few days. But when you go back for seconds, it's turned an unappetizing shade of brown. 

Groceries With Surprisingly Long Shelf Lives

As great as guacamole can be for game days and parties, plenty of folks decide against making a batch because of its short shelf life. But here's some good news: There's a way to keep this healthy snack fresh for days to come. 

The first solution to preserving guacamole begins with storage. Avocados contain polyphenol oxidase, an enzyme that, when exposed to oxygen, causes food to brown rapidly. (It's also what causes apples and bananas to turn brown.) If oxygen is an avocado's worst nightmare, then the best way to keep your guacamole fresh means protecting it from the air. 

After spooning your leftover guac into a container, lightly press it flat with a spoon to eliminate any air pockets and pour a thin layer of water over the top. Seal the container with an airtight lid, place it in the fridge, and ta-da! Your guacamole will now stay fresh for up to three days.

Trust us, we know it sounds gross, but water is the perfect remedy for brown guac. Water will prevent oxygen from reaching the avocado, and the fat in the avocado will prevent the water from soaking into the dip. Before serving, simply pour the water out and give the dip a good stir  — it'll be good as new. This solution works best compared to other common hacks like using only plastic wrap or adding lime juice. 

Enjoy this healthy snack without the hassle of wondering if it'll last, much like these other groceries you may be storing all wrong.