You Can Indeed Buy In Bulk At Aldi. Here's How

Aldi is known for its amazingly low prices and quality products but isn't associated with big bulk purchases like Costco and other warehouse retail chains. However, as explained on the Aldi website, the discount grocery store does indeed offer the option of bulk purchasing to customers, which may come as a surprise to even the biggest Aldi fans. To arrange a bulk purchase, the store advises customers to contact their local store manager in advance, who can then advise them on pick-up arrangements, minimum order quantities, and payment options. As for what customers can expect when ordering items in bulk, Aldi does not provide a ton of information.

The Aldi website explains that bulk orders can vary from store to store, so it's best to speak with your local manager who will be able to provide greater insight into best practices. And according to Reddit, some managers are more than happy to go above and beyond when it comes to bulk orders. Per a commenter, a manager at their local Aldi approved an order for hundreds of hot dog buns for a fundraiser by including the extra products in his weekly store order. Upon arrival, the customer who made the bulk order conveniently picked up the buns at the store after paying in advance.

Aldi puts limits on some of its products

While Aldi does permit bulk buying, keep in mind that not all items in the store can be purchased in large amounts. As mentioned, practices vary from location to location, but it's unlikely that you'll be able to score any of the store's hottest items in large quantities. Take Aldi Finds, for example, which are special items only available for a limited period. Aldi Finds products rotate from week to week, which means quantities are not as plentiful as other products found in the store.

As a result, it's highly unlikely that an Aldi manager would approve a bulk order of one of the Finds items, as it would prevent other customers from taking advantage of the deal. Additionally, these items are sometimes subject to limitations when it comes to quantity. This might occur when an item proves particularly popular, in which case the demand might be higher than normal. Aldi customers appreciate this fair approach, and many actually aren't too keen on other shoppers purchasing items in bulk.

Bulk buying at Aldi can be somewhat controversial

Bulk purchases are a convenient option when you frequently use the same product in your home. However, Aldi fans on Reddit have concerns that bulk buyers at the store are actually engaged in reselling, which entails purchasing items at an affordable price and marking them up to be sold elsewhere. According to one shopper, a person was seen buying eggs and fruit in excess of the maximums posted on store signage, and customers were incensed, to say the least.

One commenter suggested contacting Aldi corporate to make them aware of the practice, as a manager would have needed to approve the purchase. A few others mentioned that business owners who patronized Aldi for the purposes of reselling could be breaking pertinent food safety regulations when it comes to refrigeration. However, a few commenters posited that the person could have made a prior arrangement with the manager per Aldi's bulk buying policy. It's hard to say who's right and who's wrong, but it's good to know that bulk purchases are an option at the chain, even if they come with some caveats.