It's Official: Costco's Berry Smoothie Is Back At The Food Court

Costco is known for its rotating inventory, seasonal offerings, and hidden gems that are offered at a steep discount, but changes to Costco's food courts are not often well received by fans, who look forward to treating themselves after a lengthy shopping trip. While the co-founder of Costco, Jim Sinegal, has promised fans (rather intensely) that Costco's hot dog combo price would remain $1.50 as long as he lives, not everything on the food court menu is a permanent fixture. In fact, there have been many subtle changes to Costco's menu lately as the company had to scale back during the pandemic for safety measures and began to test out how fans would respond to new additions. The berry smoothie, for example, has been extremely popular with members since it was introduced in 2007.

But in recent years, Costco has made several attempts to replace the berry smoothie with new alternatives, like a mango smoothie that did not go over well with thirsty shoppers. "Costco's biggest mistake was switching out their berry smoothie for the fruit smoothie," one user posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. According to Redditors, the mustard yellow color was off-putting for many, and brave members who tried it claimed that it tasted like "baby food in a cup." Luckily, Costco devotees have recently discovered that the berry blended beverage has reappeared in its true form. Fans can't seem to contain their enthusiasm and have taken to social media to spread the good news.

Fans are berry excited

When you're thirsty after a long day of wandering through the aisles of Costco, a cold berry smoothie paired with a slice of pizza or hot dog might sound perfect. Fortunately for berry lovers, the unfavorable mango flavor is out, and the OG smoothie has returned. In a Reddit post on the r/Costco thread, one user posted a photo of their smoothie sighting, with the caption, "It's back!... The berry smoothie!" True enough, the frozen treat is pictured next to the mocha freeze, available to members for $2.99. One commenter took this opportunity to express their excitement, writing, "Glad to see it's back. It's been a berry long time." Another user was extra happy to hear of their favorite smoothie's comeback, exclaiming, "Joy has returned to my life!" Even users who typically avoid the food court because of long lines said they would brave the wait for a taste of the berry smoothie. 

Some Reddit users have expressed disappointment that their local Costco food court has not updated their inventory yet and is still offering the mango smoothie. As with most supply distributions, certain stores may have to wait until inventory reaches their location. As a result, some fans will have to sit tight in anticipation of their fruity treat arriving.